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A holiday miracle! Re-added CD-i, PCECD, Dreamcast, 3DO, NGCD ISOs. Replaced the GC set with NKit-scrubbed ISOs. Converted nearly all CD sets to CHD format. Replaced many of the older ROM sets with No-Intro. Updated the MAME set to .216. Recompressed nearly everything in 7z where possible.

Replaced all the sets with GoodMerge, added DS and Gamecube. Updated MAME to .208. Removed Flash-based emulator, DC, 3DO, Saturn ISOs.

You're now able to play NES, SNES, Game Boy, GBA, and Genesis games from right within the browser! Requires Adobe Flash.

MAME ROMs updated to .158! Still working on the CHDs, some logistical things to figure out due to their size.

Over 150 SNK Neo-Geo CDs added!

Another 450 games! NEC Turbo Grafx CD gets some love! Enjoy!

450 Sega CD ISOs added!

Happy holidays! Back with a somewhat updated look. Download counts are reset, sorry for that. Still adding stuff, check back for more soon!

ROMs / Amstrad CPC ROMs

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Viewing Amstrad CPC ROMs ROMs starting with S

S.O.S. 10097.32 kb85
S.O.S. Ovoides16.40 kb77
S.T.U.N. Running30.44 kb80
Sabotage16.23 kb83
Saboteur127.69 kb85
Saboteur 279.05 kb84
Sabre Wulf41.86 kb94
Sabrina35.75 kb89
Sacred Armour of Antiriad, The29.53 kb77
Saga274.40 kb91
Saga of Erik The Viking, The24.80 kb82
Saga Word Processor85.11 kb85
Sagitarian Pinball6.42 kb78
Sai Combat52.56 kb93
Saigon Combat Unit61.04 kb78
Sailing24.44 kb77
Saint and Greavsie67.05 kb78
Saint Dragon66.81 kb83
Saint Valentin33.57 kb85
Salamander - Nemesis 261.14 kb86
Salut LArtiste11.67 kb75
Samantha Fox Strip Poker87.56 kb89
Samurai9.96 kb85
Samurai Trilogy79.77 kb76
San Pablo13.86 kb70
Sandman - Love and Magic, The276.78 kb75
Santas Christmas Capers26.04 kb85
SAO, IAO, CIAO, Zonard, Plus, TTO34.20 kb85
Sapiens30.06 kb81
Saracen19.73 kb75
SAS Assault Cource13.17 kb78
SAS Combat Simulator39.44 kb68
SAS Strike Force32.22 kb79
Satan64.66 kb80
Satelit7.63 kb71
Sattelite Warrior21.38 kb84
Saucer Attack5.65 kb72
Sauvez Yurk192.12 kb82
Savage234.16 kb78
Savages105.58 kb74
Scalextric29.08 kb86
Scapeghost189.52 kb79
Scarabaeus25.41 kb72
Scarbury Castle11.07 kb83
Scary Tales26.23 kb73
Sceptre D Anubis, Le25.78 kb82
Schneider Magazin - Codex V53.50 kb73
Scooby & Scrappy Doo66.11 kb84
Scooby Doo in the Castle Mystery30.80 kb79
Scopy2.06 kb73
Score 302034.82 kb81
Scotland Yard9.44 kb82
Scott Winder Reporter109.55 kb75
Scout Steps Out, The20.12 kb81
Scramble Spirits80.81 kb72
Screen Designer11.70 kb78
Screwball6.05 kb74
Scrounch10.86 kb80
Scruples, A Question of65.82 kb74
Scuba Kidz14.62 kb74
Sdaw59.56 kb81
SDI - Strategic Defence Initiative36.85 kb73
Seabase Delta28.56 kb79
Seablood28.85 kb73
Search for Largo Grann, The26.77 kb84
Seastalker88.08 kb70
Secret Agent189.20 kb81
Secret Defense44.43 kb74
Secret Diary of Adrian Mole35.52 kb82
Secret Du Tombeau, Le28.51 kb72
Secret of Bastow Manor, The12.35 kb76
Secte Noires, La (1990)176.11 kb82
Sector Edit1.90 kb82
Seesaw12.70 kb74
Semword28.54 kb79
Senda56.03 kb73
Sensojul1.34 kb80
Sensopat1.28 kb74
Sentinel, The53.23 kb80
Sepulcri18.45 kb69
Sergeant Seymour Robotcop46.23 kb73
Serie Noire11.69 kb82
Serpent Madness6.61 kb80
Serpentino9.30 kb72
Sexy Word9.39 kb85
Seymour - Take One25.66 kb72
Seymour at the Movies85.40 kb81
Sgrizam20.50 kb74
Shackled72.25 kb84
Shade of Swords - Inquisitor27.62 kb74
Shadow34.52 kb82
Shadow Dancer213.32 kb84
Shadow Fire23.58 kb77
Shadow of the Bear, The11.00 kb75
Shadow of the Beast474.29 kb87
Shadow Skimmer87.56 kb87
Shadow Warriors86.52 kb79
Shanghai46.24 kb83
Shanghai Karate31.73 kb71
Shao Lins Road Kung Fu35.54 kb80
Shark48.55 kb71
Sharkeys Moll34.86 kb77
Sherman M453.56 kb78
Shinobi212.05 kb84
Ship of Doom8.56 kb72
Ship Pilot14.10 kb78
Shockway Rider42.67 kb81
Shoe People, The145.52 kb71
Shogun37.85 kb94
Shoot-Out9.83 kb69
Short Circuit65.77 kb76
Shorts Fuse12.61 kb77
Shove a Sledge55.23 kb83
Shufflepuck Cafe99.12 kb72
Side Arms35.72 kb82
Sideral War26.78 kb73
Sidewalk - Renaud39.55 kb83
Sigma 725.14 kb73
Sigma Seven34.55 kb85
Silent Service - The Submarine Simulation63.57 kb72
Silent Shadow49.08 kb70
Silicon Dreams Pack127.07 kb83
Silipack39.14 kb84
Silkworm58.82 kb79
Silva177.04 kb83
Sim City107.68 kb83
Simon Dice1.77 kb78
Simple 3D7.31 kb75
Simpsons, The - Bart vs The Space Mutants330.26 kb96
Simulador Profesional de Tenis68.35 kb73
Sir Fred31.06 kb75
Sir Lancelot11.33 kb79
Sir Wood62.31 kb81
Sito Pons 500cc31.46 kb80
Sito Pons 500CC Grand Prix28.28 kb69
Skaal97.26 kb71
Skate Ball77.20 kb83
Skate Crazy53.65 kb73
Skate or Die143.24 kb78
Skate Rock17.93 kb85
Skateboard Joust44.52 kb74
Skateboard Kidz48.74 kb82
Skatin USA71.11 kb82
Skoda Simulator2.62 kb76
Skull and Crossbones88.02 kb81
Skweek96.24 kb80
Sky Hunter34.43 kb78
Skyfox47.58 kb72
Skyx254.81 kb91
Slaine90.72 kb71
Slap Fight45.62 kb75
Slapshot15.11 kb84
Sliders46.86 kb78
Slightly Magic35.04 kb71
Slug16.36 kb85
Sly Spy - Secret Agent180.97 kb81
Smash TV194.37 kb93
Smashed26.99 kb73
Smugglers Cove24.34 kb84
Snake and Hazards31.99 kb75
Snoball in Hell27.42 kb71
Snodgits18.56 kb77
Snooker7.47 kb77
Snooker Management13.05 kb80
Snoopy and Peanuts34.05 kb86
Snow Strike102.49 kb76
Snowball21.68 kb79
Soccer20.24 kb76
Soccer 1.122.59 kb73
Soccer 8613.94 kb91
Soccer Director11.66 kb74
Soccer Pinball34.46 kb75
Soccer Star16.46 kb78
Soft Mag Numero 560.92 kb70
Software Star10.37 kb75
Soko-Ban8.70 kb72
Sol Negro - Soleil Noir64.00 kb81
Solar Coaster8.60 kb75
Solar Empire - Synergy29.30 kb89
Soldier of Light46.27 kb70
Solo21.98 kb71
Solomons Key47.17 kb88
Solomons Key 322.64 kb87
Sonic Bomber59.43 kb72
Sonic Boom55.28 kb81
Sootland19.36 kb71
Sooty and Sweep28.10 kb83
Sorcerer96.15 kb90
Sorcerer Lord16.81 kb75
Sorcery67.22 kb78
Sorcery Plus64.78 kb77
Soul of a Robot15.28 kb81
Soul of a Robot - Nonterraqueous 219.38 kb81
Souls of Darkon24.31 kb76
Soundtrakker Song Compiler6.18 kb84
Southern Belle17.22 kb76
Soviet61.40 kb77
Space60.59 kb76
Space - Above and Beyond26.63 kb73
Space Ace51.64 kb85
Space Crusade65.43 kb72
Space Duel, The12.98 kb73
Space Froggy17.56 kb77
Space Froggy 218.27 kb79
Space Harrier31.31 kb83
Space Harrier II271.05 kb73
Space Hawks5.56 kb81
Space Invaders68.35 kb83
Space Mania10.91 kb74
Space Racer37.76 kb84
Space Rider15.39 kb67
Space Shuttle - A Journey Into Space26.07 kb74
Space Shuttle Simulateur95.30 kb81
Space Smugglers34.14 kb86
Space Taxi32.51 kb75
Space Thief4.68 kb83
Spaced Out11.86 kb79
Spaghetti Western Simulator25.96 kb70
Spannerman7.96 kb81
Special Operations20.82 kb71
Speech!14.49 kb70
Speed King15.99 kb77
Speed Zone9.66 kb87
Speedtrans Plus-3 415.31 kb71
Spellbound - A True Graphic Adventure33.87 kb80
Spellbound Dizzy104.48 kb75
Sphaira175.20 kb84
Spheric4.94 kb68
Spherical214.83 kb87
Spiky Harold66.11 kb73
Spindizzy25.73 kb75
Spindrome17.28 kb80
Spirits27.86 kb80
Spitfire 4048.10 kb79
Spitting Image65.91 kb77
Splat14.98 kb76
Splatch!7.61 kb84
Split Personalities26.55 kb73
Spooked26.92 kb82
Spooky Castle15.33 kb73
Sport of Kings18.61 kb73
Spots 9430.26 kb82
Sprite Designer 1.569.63 kb79
Sprite Picture Viewer Preview by Kevin Thacker10.22 kb77
Sprites Alive Package53.89 kb74
Spy Hunter36.75 kb74
Spy Trek27.93 kb81
Spy vs Spy18.88 kb75
Spy vs Spy 2 - Island Caper20.19 kb79
Spy vs Spy 3 - Arctic Antics22.63 kb83
Square-Run6.19 kb69
Squash!2.58 kb81
Sram644.31 kb85
Sram 2167.21 kb85
ST Dragon86.45 kb79
Stainless Steel42.01 kb85
Stairway To Hell19.77 kb75
Star Avenger29.34 kb81
Star Bores37.11 kb71
Star Bowls32.77 kb82
Star Byte15.21 kb73
Star Check Worst Generation86.48 kb76
Star Commando9.92 kb82
Star Control37.48 kb91
Star Driver47.35 kb71
Star Fight5.88 kb81
Star Firebird13.25 kb70
Star Firebirds9.46 kb83
Star Glider35.11 kb72
Star Raiders 218.66 kb84
Star Ranger18.52 kb70
Star Trap225.67 kb75
Star Trek Music Demo63.79 kb83
Star Trooper36.03 kb82
Star Wars28.00 kb73
Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back44.70 kb81
Star Wars Droids19.41 kb78
Star Watcher52.11 kb77
Star-Wreck24.57 kb71
Starcross68.59 kb72
Stardust68.29 kb82
Stardust I & II42.80 kb69
Starfox65.50 kb82
Starion25.15 kb76
Starquake33.72 kb82
Starstrike 228.09 kb77
StarText14.40 kb76
Starting Blocks68.27 kb76
Station Fall100.72 kb74
Steel Eagle30.15 kb80
Stellar Outpost15.63 kb73
Steve Davis Pool8.02 kb73
Steve Davis Snooker41.40 kb78
Steve McQueen Westphaser148.95 kb73
Stifflip and Co65.88 kb76
Stock Market13.65 kb77
Stomp7.88 kb79
Stop Press103.39 kb74
Stop-Ball9.05 kb73
Storm21.11 kb81
Storm Unas Lair31.41 kb71
Storm Warrior66.75 kb81
Stormbringer - A True Graphic Adventure31.63 kb76
Stormlord63.79 kb83
Strangeloop142.07 kb73
Strangeloop Plus52.45 kb82
Strategy33.11 kb78
Streaker23.00 kb72
Street Cred Boxing25.46 kb79
Street Cred Football25.27 kb70
Street Fighter196.67 kb112
Street Gang60.69 kb70
Street Gang Football48.34 kb79
Street Hawk38.51 kb72
Street Machine16.75 kb79
Street Sports Basketball39.68 kb75
Stretcher 2 - Mr. Lines Revenge6.58 kb78
Strider185.43 kb87
Strider 2163.18 kb79
Strike19.81 kb81
Strike Force Cobra35.16 kb70
Strike Force Harrier55.67 kb81
Striker - In The Crypt of Trogan62.89 kb72
Strip Ball50.38 kb74
Strip Poker23.05 kb79
Strip Poker Animado12.89 kb91
Strip Poker II70.43 kb81
Strip Poker II Plus39.66 kb79
Strip Takin28.85 kb82
Strolch4.79 kb73
Strongman - Geoff Capes22.60 kb82
Stryfe33.77 kb71
Stryfe - The Everlasting Battle60.27 kb91
Stun Runner46.90 kb76
Stunt Bike Simulator36.33 kb81
Stunt Car Driver - Micro Style58.15 kb79
Stunt Car Racer31.83 kb73
Stunt Car Racer - Extended Version41.09 kb80
Stunt Man Seymour25.00 kb88
Sub Sunk28.59 kb73
Subbuteo44.33 kb77
Subbuteo - The Computer Game37.34 kb83
Submarino Experimental Neptuno9.71 kb70
Subterranean Stryker13.63 kb73
Subway Vigilante40.57 kb80
Sultans Maze20.86 kb70
Summer Games130.96 kb72
Summer Games 263.55 kb82
Sun9.35 kb69
Sun Star12.40 kb84
Super Ali7.63 kb78
Super Bio8.01 kb76
Super Cars105.58 kb79
Super Cauldron200.15 kb79
Super Chess11.83 kb81
Super Cycle62.95 kb70
Super Flippard27.09 kb79
Super Gran17.06 kb73
Super Hang On42.99 kb85
Super Hero133.69 kb73
Super League19.54 kb79
Super Monaco GP160.32 kb74
Super Pac13.36 kb69
Super Pipeline 217.88 kb74
Super Puzzle27.92 kb93
Super Robin Hood30.57 kb70
Super Sam30.42 kb77
Super Sapiens19.72 kb67
Super Scramble30.72 kb70
Super Scramble Simulator150.96 kb81
Super Seymour48.65 kb82
Super Seymour Saves the Planet!49.57 kb80
Super Ski137.00 kb70
Super Skweek81.58 kb70
Super Sleuth - Grumpy Gumphrey27.62 kb81
Super Soccer26.42 kb69
Super Space Invaders117.09 kb78
Super Sports - The Olympic Challenge84.45 kb72
Super Sprint49.19 kb78
Super Stock Car41.64 kb68
Super Stunt Man45.43 kb76
Super Tank Simulator45.75 kb79
Super Ted21.15 kb74
Super Trolley23.86 kb69
Super Trux58.59 kb79
Super Wonderboy in Monster Land58.87 kb73
Supercopy7.09 kb80
Superkid19.32 kb64
Superman18.41 kb87
Superman - The Game33.75 kb83
Superman - The Man of Steel78.75 kb76
Superstar Challenge48.08 kb81
Superstory13.79 kb68
Supertripper78.49 kb72
Survivant, Le30.49 kb74
Survivor30.95 kb76
Survivor, The75.93 kb76
Survivors11.42 kb86
Survivre153.88 kb77
Suspect90.20 kb71
Suspended76.66 kb83
Swap53.96 kb83
Sweevos World63.29 kb70
Switchblade189.28 kb79
SWIV184.66 kb72
Swivel21.43 kb80
Swop96.02 kb68
Sword of the Samurai70.70 kb84
Sword of Truth, The14.60 kb110
Sword Slayer25.83 kb79
Swords and Sorcery55.45 kb74
Synopsis de Biat, Le134.77 kb72
Syntax39.56 kb75