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Panasonic 3DO set updated. Doubled the amount of games and converted to CHD.

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ROMs / Amstrad CPC ROMs


Viewing Amstrad CPC ROMs ROMs starting with L

LA SWAT11.92 kb218
Labelmaster47.34 kb215
Labrytinthe des Sciences, Le82.45 kb220
Labynotaure11.85 kb215
Labyrinth Hall29.12 kb219
Labyrinthe aux Mille Calculs, Le - College110.57 kb216
Labyrinthe aux Mille Calculs, Le - Ecole111.25 kb245
Labyrinthe dErrare, Le - College139.75 kb230
Labyrinthe dOrthophus, Le - Ecole134.94 kb219
Lancelot184.23 kb231
Las 3 Luces De Glaurung27.35 kb231
Las Vegas Casino27.96 kb215
Laser Base6.03 kb224
Laser Basic Compiler v1.133p & Typhon62.18 kb222
Lasersquad80.04 kb223
Lasersquad Expansion Kit14.88 kb226
Laserwarp67.89 kb236
Last Duel213.76 kb236
Last Mission, The27.25 kb218
Last Ninja 2 Remix, The141.23 kb243
Last Ninja 2, The79.94 kb232
Last Ninja Remix136.65 kb233
Last Race, The10.66 kb219
Last V8, The24.98 kb220
Lawn Tennis22.46 kb209
Lazertag34.40 kb213
Leaderboard29.05 kb211
Leaderboard Tournament20.60 kb229
League Challenge9.68 kb207
Leather Goddesses of Phobos101.07 kb224
Led Storm163.75 kb221
Lee Enfield Tournament of Death50.91 kb205
Legend62.41 kb215
Legend of Apache Gold, The34.65 kb219
Legend of Kage, The49.17 kb215
Legende103.16 kb216
Legions of Death32.88 kb225
Lemmings192.18 kb244
Leonard17.17 kb206
Letters1.31 kb213
Leviathan39.51 kb207
Liberator40.78 kb210
Licence To Kill129.94 kb226
Life Expectancy Zero6.98 kb206
Lifeterm26.64 kb221
Light Corridor, The117.34 kb221
Light Force30.76 kb217
Line of Fire167.56 kb212
Link5.32 kb214
Lion4.17 kb206
Lisa Strip Pot8.55 kb220
Liste de logiciels CPC10.49 kb205
Little Computer People52.98 kb209
Little Puff19.03 kb221
Little Puff In Dragonland24.31 kb211
Live and Let Die73.23 kb214
Liverpool56.92 kb221
Livingstone Supongo112.21 kb221
Livingstone Supongo 266.11 kb210
LMC Software Collection441.05 kb236
Lo Mejor de Dinamic182.72 kb212
Locomotion11.96 kb214
Lode Runner63.20 kb225
Logical Hero31.03 kb218
Logiciel Qui Carbure, Le118.96 kb208
Logiformes9.53 kb215
Logiphrases11.89 kb206
Logipresse 545.98 kb210
Logipresse 764.76 kb205
Logistic20.56 kb207
Long-way7.66 kb207
Loom (Preview 1.0)9.56 kb211
Loopz37.42 kb208
Lop Ears40.22 kb210
Lord of the Rings107.60 kb221
Lords of Chaos62.95 kb725
Lords of Midnight31.99 kb214
Lords of Time21.51 kb213
Lorna85.99 kb219
Lost Caves and The Doom Tomb30.61 kb208
Lost Crown, The4.92 kb217
Loto10.24 kb209
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge112.75 kb223
Lower Micro English116.85 kb214
Lubix10.92 kb208
Lucky Luke - Nitroglycerine150.67 kb231
Lurking Horror, The102.77 kb220