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A holiday miracle! Re-added CD-i, PCECD, Dreamcast, 3DO, NGCD ISOs. Replaced the GC set with NKit-scrubbed ISOs. Converted nearly all CD sets to CHD format. Replaced many of the older ROM sets with No-Intro. Updated the MAME set to .216. Recompressed nearly everything in 7z where possible.

Replaced all the sets with GoodMerge, added DS and Gamecube. Updated MAME to .208. Removed Flash-based emulator, DC, 3DO, Saturn ISOs.

You're now able to play NES, SNES, Game Boy, GBA, and Genesis games from right within the browser! Requires Adobe Flash.

MAME ROMs updated to .158! Still working on the CHDs, some logistical things to figure out due to their size.

Over 150 SNK Neo-Geo CDs added!

Another 450 games! NEC Turbo Grafx CD gets some love! Enjoy!

450 Sega CD ISOs added!

Happy holidays! Back with a somewhat updated look. Download counts are reset, sorry for that. Still adding stuff, check back for more soon!

ROMs / Amstrad CPC ROMs

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Viewing Amstrad CPC ROMs ROMs starting with B

B.A.T.512.65 kb69
B.I.A.T175.66 kb61
Baby Jo - Going Home92.28 kb59
Baca8.79 kb59
Bachou7.92 kb57
Back to Reality39.29 kb57
Back to the Future30.11 kb72
Back to the Future 2105.45 kb72
Back to the Future 3464.01 kb71
Back to The Golden Age89.75 kb194
Back to the Golden Axe91.87 kb61
Backgammon10.14 kb57
Bacterik Dream13.09 kb59
Bactron20.04 kb60
Bad Cat62.64 kb57
Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja50.15 kb63
Bad Max38.58 kb73
Badlands25.98 kb61
Bagne de Nepharia, Le23.78 kb60
Balade a Cologne78.52 kb60
Balade Au Pays De Big-Ben39.88 kb59
Ball Bearing27.73 kb58
Ball Blazer32.24 kb61
Ball Breaker38.87 kb58
Ball Breaker 223.24 kb57
Ball Crazy36.31 kb59
Balle De Match13.63 kb69
Balloon Buster5.50 kb60
Ballyhoo99.32 kb59
Baloncesto15.11 kb58
Balrog, The32.84 kb58
Banda Salvaje, La16.30 kb59
Bangers and Mash55.54 kb58
Barbarian48.54 kb69
Barbarian 1169.31 kb69
Barbarian 1 Part 248.30 kb63
Barbarian 1 Part 346.97 kb63
Barbarian 296.79 kb76
Bards Tale422.55 kb78
Barry McGuigans Boxing23.62 kb79
BAS Unprotect27.64 kb59
Base, The32.91 kb59
Basil - The Great Mouse Detective34.15 kb63
Basildon Bond34.68 kb55
Basket Coach13.36 kb56
Bat n Ball8.84 kb55
Bataille DAngleterre, La72.33 kb64
Bataille Pour La RFA - Battlefield Germany25.33 kb74
Batman42.40 kb70
Batman - The Movie168.03 kb74
Batman 3 - The Movie56.81 kb65
Batman Caped Crusader47.47 kb62
Battle Beyond The Stars65.84 kb58
Battle Command97.81 kb63
Battle of Austerlitz26.76 kb70
Battle of Britain31.59 kb56
Battle of Midway, The18.63 kb56
Battle of the Bulge, The25.66 kb59
Battle of the Planets20.50 kb56
Battle of Waterloo13.71 kb60
Battle Ships25.36 kb58
Battle Tank Simulator32.33 kb56
Battle Valley25.47 kb62
Battleships22.18 kb58
Batty22.28 kb56
BCPL74.96 kb56
BDOS Copy5.14 kb68
Beach Buggy Simulator29.16 kb59
Beach Volley143.02 kb64
Beachhead37.88 kb59
Beachhead 222.71 kb72
Beast107.99 kb59
Beat The Clock7.81 kb57
Bedlam21.52 kb56
Beer Hunter, The37.74 kb57
Beetle Mania10.22 kb58
Bells, The14.16 kb58
Berks 38.85 kb58
Best Digits of Fanatic, The76.95 kb57
Best of Elite Volume 1177.62 kb69
Best of the Best89.41 kb61
Bestial Warrior40.51 kb59
Bestiary25.71 kb57
Beta 25153.78 kb56
Better Spelling12.09 kb57
Beurk Roger8.97 kb59
Beverly Hills Cop104.34 kb81
Beyond the Ice Palace115.83 kb61
Biff18.90 kb56
Big Band227.87 kb61
Big Disk2.04 mb69
Big Foot26.87 kb56
Big League Soccer13.71 kb59
Big League Soccer 254.23 kb57
Big Screen Hero55.86 kb54
Big Sleaze, The54.32 kb56
Big Trouble in Little China - Jack Burton21.16 kb75
Biggles77.36 kb58
Bigtop Barney16.11 kb58
Billard Americain7.76 kb58
Billy 224.26 kb58
Billy la Banlieue22.96 kb56
Billy la Banlieue 221.21 kb60
Billy the Kid17.31 kb57
Bingo6.63 kb55
Binky Basher36.88 kb56
Bio Spheres40.16 kb70
Bionic Commando136.89 kb61
Bionic Ninja56.75 kb57
Birdie44.52 kb61
Bivouac85.03 kb59
Black Beard51.45 kb57
Black Fountain40.49 kb56
Black Land610.26 kb63
Black Magic57.64 kb60
Black Tiger56.05 kb56
Blade Runner42.68 kb75
Blade Warrior37.88 kb59
Blagger10.51 kb58
Blank Disk D800.00 b56
Blank Disk S808.00 b58
Blasted Squares4.06 kb56
Blasteroids60.26 kb56
Blazing Thunder42.48 kb56
Blip5.94 kb56
Block Invasion1.48 kb64
Blockbusters116.10 kb78
Blockhaus6.01 kb54
Blokker3.46 kb58
Blood Brothers89.96 kb61
Blood Valley52.43 kb57
Bloodwych70.33 kb59
Blowaway Bob27.75 kb56
Blue Berry157.49 kb57
Blue Crystal114.36 kb57
Blue Night Shadow89.56 kb55
Blue Star21.94 kb74
Blue Tomb8.04 kb57
Blue War59.18 kb60
Blues Brothers, The179.24 kb62
BMP Convert 1.035.34 kb57
BMX Kidz14.00 kb56
BMX Ninja26.78 kb56
BMX Simulator35.69 kb57
BMX Simulator 236.97 kb59
Bob Morane Chevalerie38.72 kb55
Bob Morane Jungle37.51 kb57
Bob Morane Ocean40.19 kb56
Bob Morane Science Fiction78.82 kb58
Bob Winner133.89 kb59
Bobby Bearing34.46 kb61
Bobo74.25 kb76
Bobs Full House38.41 kb56
Bobsleigh27.52 kb58
Bodo Illgners Super Soccer25.98 kb59
Boeing 72716.73 kb56
Boggit, The48.42 kb55
Boinggg!12.61 kb56
Boite a Rythmes7.61 kb56
Bomb Jack23.47 kb73
Bomb Jack 261.23 kb62
Bomb Scare25.61 kb72
Bombardero2.50 kb58
Bombarderos4.00 kb56
Bombfusion31.50 kb57
Bombuz 3D7.80 kb57
Bonanza Bros80.45 kb61
Bonz2.23 kb61
Bonzos Super Meddler61.29 kb55
Book of the Dead54.71 kb60
Booly168.78 kb59
Booty122.72 kb77
Bored of the Rings47.90 kb59
Borse 797.77 kb57
Bosconian 8721.48 kb56
Boulder Crash6.15 kb56
Boulder Dash90.64 kb65
Boulder Dash 1-433.51 kb60
Boulder Dash 212.66 kb67
Boulder Dash 322.29 kb62
Boulder Dash 4176.55 kb69
Boulder Dash 628.51 kb61
Boulder Dash Construction Kit36.10 kb79
Boule Infernale, La12.75 kb57
Bounder55.25 kb60
Bounty Bob Strikes Back21.18 kb60
Bounty Hunter33.48 kb56
Boxer Manager13.69 kb59
Boxing Manager13.45 kb54
Boy Racer27.07 kb57
Brainache64.43 kb55
Brainstorm19.78 kb58
Bravestarr29.62 kb56
Brawn Free19.03 kb57
Braxx Bluff12.92 kb56
Breakdown73.64 kb56
Breaker, The15.27 kb55
Breakthru33.47 kb57
Brian Bloodaxe25.49 kb56
Brian Cloughs Football Manager52.92 kb57
Brian Jack Superstar Challenge23.04 kb57
Brick, The18.39 kb56
Bride of Frankenstein44.34 kb58
Bridge44.02 kb58
Bridge It8.01 kb62
Bridge Nice Ideas28.80 kb56
Bridge of Arnhem, The19.11 kb57
Bridge Player 316.93 kb56
British Super League18.90 kb57
Bronx63.88 kb56
Bronx Street Cop31.19 kb55
Bruce Lee33.85 kb59
Brunword Word Porsessor63.76 kb55
Bubble Bobble111.47 kb68
Bubble Bobble 228.95 kb67
Bubble Dizzy58.84 kb55
Bubble Ghost30.33 kb56
Bubble-Bobble31.12 kb62
Bubbler27.83 kb57
Budokan - The Martial Spirit74.74 kb56
Buffalo Bills Wild West Show67.29 kb57
Buggy 211.21 kb60
Buggy Boy56.66 kb62
Buggy Ranger96.06 kb59
Bugsy26.10 kb53
Builderland63.61 kb56
Buitre - Emilio Butrageno Futbol23.29 kb58
Buitre 2 - Emilio Butrageno 254.87 kb56
Bump Set Spike17.30 kb57
Bumpy27.42 kb57
Bumpys Arcade Fantasy114.71 kb63
Bundesliga-Manager 324.58 kb55
Bunny Bricks142.38 kb61
Buran39.92 kb56
Burger Time5.37 kb59
Burglar36.03 kb55
Burning Wheels7.07 kb58
Bust Out9.01 kb55
Butcher Hill95.63 kb55
By Fair Means Or Foul43.13 kb55