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ROMs / Amstrad CPC ROMs


Viewing Amstrad CPC ROMs ROMs starting with H

H Myga15.03 kb420
H2-Plus Version 1.021.25 kb384
Hacker20.91 kb389
Hacker II21.36 kb371
Hacker-Disc6.83 kb368
HackRevue 379.20 kb367
Hagar17.75 kb366
Halls of Gold45.39 kb432
Halls of the Things10.16 kb365
Hammer Boy49.68 kb381
Hammer Boy I & II47.85 kb383
Hammerfist85.19 kb364
Hamsters en Folie29.24 kb357
Han DIslande112.09 kb380
Hangman3.41 kb385
Hangman 23.58 kb377
Hanse112.98 kb374
Happy Letters19.44 kb427
Happy Numbers6.17 kb368
Happy Writing7.63 kb365
Hard Drivin50.83 kb409
Hard Hat Mack19.80 kb368
Hardball27.41 kb358
Harricana - Raid International Motoneige71.02 kb359
Harrier Attack8.66 kb404
Harry & Harry - Boite De Rajmahal251.22 kb371
Harry & Harry - Mission Torpedo75.03 kb352
Haruspice (Preview)14.63 kb444
Harvey Headbanger22.70 kb350
HATE - Hostile All Terrain Encounter32.05 kb356
Haunted Hedges7.85 kb362
Havoc30.78 kb367
Hawaii132.94 kb368
Hawk Storm63.53 kb350
Head Over Heels43.17 kb430
Heartland41.17 kb358
Heavy Metal44.01 kb366
Heavy On The Magick30.61 kb355
Hedge Hog5.40 kb452
Helichopper19.66 kb358
Helicopter 20008.32 kb359
Helter Skelter42.36 kb369
Helter Skelter Editor15.58 kb359
Herberts Dummy Run44.22 kb354
Hercule II56.95 kb368
Hercules65.06 kb507
Here & There With The Mr. Men9.13 kb355
Heritage, L99.64 kb353
Hermitage, The25.46 kb355
Hero of the Golden Talisman24.65 kb357
Hero Quest183.38 kb430
Hero Quest 2 - Return of the Witch Lord164.18 kb403
Herobotix26.79 kb345
Heroes of Karn27.07 kb371
Heroes of the Lance150.29 kb370
Hi-Q Quizz9.93 kb439
Hideous29.51 kb350
High Epidemy97.79 kb360
High Frontier24.75 kb353
High Noon4.01 kb373
High Steel46.64 kb354
Highlander154.98 kb375
Highway Encounter38.05 kb396
Highway Patrol43.81 kb358
Hijack64.77 kb448
HiRise14.84 kb351
Hisoft Devpac14.35 kb355
Hisoft Pascal44.66 kb354
Histoire Dor126.71 kb354
Hit Squad, The27.53 kb361
Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy, The101.33 kb399
HIVE30.90 kb365
HMS Cobra142.03 kb368
Hobbit, The33.28 kb376
Hobgoblin23.69 kb357
Hockey13.86 kb371
Hold-Up16.11 kb351
Holdfast33.44 kb443
Hollywood Hijinx81.64 kb362
Hollywood Or Bust22.51 kb346
Holocauste217.41 kb374
Homerunner6.49 kb351
Hong Kong Phooey32.32 kb379
Hopital Danger77.35 kb359
Hopper Copper12.29 kb351
Hoppin Mad21.52 kb365
Horloge Astale124.19 kb364
Horloger 1, L9.53 kb445
Horloger 2, L10.03 kb347
Horse Racing2.31 kb362
Hostages - Operation Jupiter252.32 kb378
Hotrod205.87 kb365
Hotshot52.21 kb363
Hounds of Hell64.30 kb360
House of Spiders5.53 kb359
House of Usher23.29 kb389
How To Become A Complete Bastard27.59 kb363
Howard The Duck37.67 kb503
Hudson Hawk135.78 kb370
Human Killing Machine226.51 kb369
Humphrey54.25 kb346
Hunchback9.35 kb358
Hunchback - The Adventure39.23 kb361
Hunchback II - Quasimodos Revenge18.62 kb385
Hundra85.69 kb346
Hunt for Red October, The168.73 kb368
Hunt for Red October, The - The Movie71.44 kb370
Hunter Killer18.92 kb454
Hurtements234.72 kb358
Hustler7.77 kb340
Huxley Pig60.38 kb337
Hybrid75.36 kb346
Hydra147.57 kb371
Hydro Fool29.17 kb354
Hyper Sports61.76 kb347
Hyperbowl19.24 kb368
Hyperspace - Aventures Spatio-Temporelles24.09 kb342
Hypsis I & II28.00 kb451
Hypsys27.11 kb349