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Improved the search function ever so slightly :) Also our datacenter has given us gigabit speeds? We didn't ask, but we'll take it!

Panasonic 3DO set updated. Doubled the amount of games and converted to CHD.

Sega CD set updated. 60G of games added. NGCD set replaced.

Holiday time again! We've doubled the bandwidth to 500mbps, updated the MAME set to .226, and re-added the Saturn collection. More updates coming soon!

A holiday miracle! Re-added CD-i, PCECD, Dreamcast, 3DO, NGCD ISOs. Replaced the GC set with NKit-scrubbed ISOs. Converted nearly all CD sets to CHD format. Replaced many of the older ROM sets with No-Intro. Updated the MAME set to .216. Recompressed nearly everything in 7z where possible.

ROMs / Amstrad CPC ROMs

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A Toda Maquina209.78 kb253
A-Team, The38.46 kb249
A320213.66 kb240
AAARGH!124.20 kb233
Abadia Del Crimen, La109.63 kb248
Abracadabra118.58 kb234
Abu Simbel Profanation30.79 kb231
Academy - Tau Ceti 253.94 kb225
Ace41.16 kb236
Ace 211.51 kb271
Ace of Aces47.95 kb225
Acrojet35.82 kb220
Action Fighter28.76 kb242
Action Force26.19 kb218
Action Service40.83 kb223
Activator, The31.90 kb224
Actref13.65 kb228
Addams Family, The226.18 kb254
Address Manager10.48 kb267
Adidas Championship Football54.79 kb224
Adidas Championship Tie Break31.11 kb214
Admiral Graf Spee18.21 kb222
Adult Two34.36 kb238
Advanced Art Studio138.13 kb231
Advanced Destroyer Simulation63.07 kb221
Advanced Pinball Simulator47.42 kb220
Advanced Tactical Fighter38.73 kb213
Adventure Quest18.53 kb212
Affaire Ravenhood124.01 kb269
Affaire Santa Fe, L168.02 kb224
Affaire Sydney, L27.48 kb212
African Trail Simulator38.72 kb210
After Shock53.81 kb217
After The War106.70 kb221
Afterburner261.86 kb258
Aftermath14.61 kb212
Afteroids38.98 kb221
Agent 115.57 kb208
Agent Orange26.33 kb272
Agent X II32.71 kb217
Ahhh...25.73 kb216
Aide au Deplombage39.34 kb212
Aigle DOr - Le Retour, L188.91 kb220
Aigle DOr, L35.76 kb212
Air Traffic Control - Heathrow International12.81 kb213
Airballs14.89 kb208
Airborne Ranger98.21 kb226
Airwolf37.76 kb293
Airwolf 233.43 kb225
Al-Strad15.55 kb215
Aladdins Cave122.31 kb236
Alex Higgins World Pool12.74 kb212
Alex Higgins World Snooker21.46 kb221
Ali Candil Y El Tesoro De Sierra Morena8.59 kb206
Alien16.59 kb212
Alien 828.38 kb233
Alien Attack6.12 kb213
Alien Break-In74.08 kb221
Alien Highway - Highway Encounter 227.11 kb213
Alien Intervention4.32 kb245
Alien Syndrome34.27 kb233
Alien Tank Attack26.89 kb217
Aliens157.62 kb233
Aliens US - Computer Game79.33 kb228
Alienstorm514.06 kb240
Alinka19.90 kb205
Alive124.96 kb218
Alkahera14.30 kb207
AlphaJet27.72 kb256
Alphakhor328.89 kb225
Alpine Games16.00 kb212
Altered Beast330.33 kb231
Alternative World Games216.19 kb226
Amaurote67.50 kb209
Amazing - La Formule20.61 kb206
AMC - Astro Marine Corps59.58 kb215
Amdraw.I3.99 kb208
Amelie Minuit27.59 kb208
American Football17.89 kb206
American Turbo King33.23 kb232
Americas Cup Challenge21.56 kb209
Ami-CPC Demo Disk3.96 kb203
Amo Del Mundo, El38.55 kb200
Amram 2 ROM Utilities6.03 kb204
AMS Golf16.94 kb211
AMS-FORTH7.54 kb202
AMSCercle562.57 kb254
Amsilvania Castle18.82 kb209
Amskey2.71 kb212
Amsoft CPC464 Spanish Owners Pack40.58 kb205
Amsoft New Arcade139.58 kb221
Amstra Dames5.87 kb202
Amstrad Action796.68 kb267
Amstrad GG Year 1988 Disc63.42 kb215
Amstrad Plus 3 Compilation143.27 kb214
Amstrad Shuffle20.66 kb203
Amstroids26.08 kb207
Amsword - The Word Processor20.74 kb265
AMX Paint24.88 kb209
Anarchy27.02 kb204
Ancient Battles34.55 kb208
Android One - Operation Reactor Run44.19 kb212
Android Two31.98 kb212
Andromeda84.56 kb219
Anduril8.71 kb203
Andy Capp25.12 kb213
Angel Nieto Grand Prix - Pole 50070.64 kb209
Angelique - A Grief Encounter20.89 kb203
Anglais College 6e-5e145.04 kb259
Anglais Conjugaison60.23 kb202
Anglais Primaire74.76 kb206
Angleball12.78 kb209
Animal, Vegetable, Mineral89.11 kb229
Animalier52.80 kb214
Animated S-Show, The106.70 kb203
Anna26.16 kb218
Annals of Rome39.59 kb208
Anneau de Zengara, L247.97 kb224
Anniversaire de Bobby, L45.51 kb263
Antares14.72 kb200
Antiriad43.83 kb210
Antre de Gork, L95.42 kb202
APB - All Points Bulletin101.44 kb216
Apocalypse153.81 kb215
Apprenti Sorcier, L22.34 kb209
Apprentice, The48.16 kb208
Aqtext by Martin Preuss68.06 kb211
Aquanaute46.98 kb208
Arachnophobia173.01 kb211
Arana3.34 kb278
ARC Educational Software91.19 kb212
Arcade Flight Simulator22.53 kb211
Arcade Trivia68.66 kb205
Arche du Captain Blood, L80.59 kb205
Archon - Light & Dark24.48 kb215
Archon 2 - Adept23.28 kb208
Arctic Fox54.60 kb213
Arcturus3.42 kb215
Ardoise Magique, L9.72 kb206
Argo Navis17.67 kb205
Ariane8.22 kb252
Arkanium & Amcharge88.72 kb206
Arkanoid71.86 kb290
Arkanoid 2 - Revenge of Doh35.38 kb232
Arkanoid 3 - Doh Strikes Again22.97 kb221
Arkanoid 420.36 kb223
Arkanoid 534.64 kb225
Arkanoid Construction Set30.94 kb213
Arkos58.52 kb213
Armadura Sagrada De Antiriad, La29.56 kb205
Armageddon Man, The63.97 kb280
Army Moves102.96 kb211
Arnhem58.62 kb215
Arnimedes V0.8a Atari Mouse Demo25.61 kb206
Arnold Diagnostic13.46 kb206
Arnold Goes to Somewhere Else15.89 kb205
Arnold In The Haunted House5.26 kb201
Arnor C95.41 kb219
Art de la Guerre, L207.55 kb216
Artura83.07 kb206
Ashkeron31.75 kb248
Aspar Grand Prix Master72.16 kb205
Asphalt123.34 kb217
Asphyxie12.43 kb201
Assault Course53.61 kb205
Assault Port Stanley9.01 kb207
Assimil166.27 kb225
Asterix & La Potion Magique19.45 kb224
Asterix & The Magic Cauldron25.45 kb221
Asterix Chez Rahazade69.64 kb213
Astro Attack7.77 kb273
Astroball15.89 kb205
Astrologie144.71 kb221
Atahualpa22.18 kb202
Ataque Nuclear4.84 kb204
Athlete19.90 kb203
Atlantis13.86 kb211
Atlantis & Dechavane House Music58.70 kb208
Atlantis Aventure28.86 kb221
Atom Smasher6.89 kb204
Atomic60.61 kb208
Atomic Battle7.12 kb259
Atomic Driver19.25 kb206
Atomic Fiction31.06 kb215
Atomik16.70 kb206
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes16.52 kb204
Attentat220.96 kb215
ATV Simulator32.88 kb213
Au Nom de LHermine123.96 kb211
Audio Compilation Disks312.99 kb232
Auf Wiedersehen Monty78.56 kb202
Aussie Safari49.85 kb256
Australian Games80.89 kb207
Australian Rules Football23.35 kb209
Autocras - Diabolico44.48 kb205
Autoformation au CPC 612850.71 kb203
Automec13.74 kb211
Autre Aventure, L55.45 kb207
Avenger - Way of the Tiger 257.98 kb216
Aventura Espacial, La54.48 kb206
Aventura Original, La49.35 kb207
Aventures Au Chateau12.09 kb260
Aventures de Jack Burton, Les70.21 kb210
Aventures de Moktar, Les201.33 kb213
Aventures de Pepito au Mexique, Les335.79 kb223
Averno7.74 kb208
AXYS - The Last Battle92.77 kb206
Ayo - The Game of Africa4.72 kb209