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Taboo - The Sixth Sense (USA)42.04 kb122
Taboo - The Sixth Sense (USA) (Rev A)42.04 kb82
Tag Team Pro-Wrestling (Japan)28.07 kb130
Tag Team Wrestling (USA)27.98 kb170
Tagin' Dragon (USA) (Unl)19.03 kb119
Taito Basketball (Japan)133.84 kb115
Taito Chase H.Q. (Japan)133.16 kb188
Taito Grand Prix - Eikou e no License (Japan)127.19 kb159
Taiwan Mahjong - Tai Wan Ma Que 16 (Asia) (Unl)17.47 kb71
Taiwan Mahjong 2 (Asia) (Unl)30.30 kb68
Taiyou no Shinden (Japan)151.22 kb121
Taiyou no Yuusha - Fighbird (Japan)110.39 kb127
Takahashi Meijin no Bouken-jima (Japan)38.95 kb214
Takahashi Meijin no Bouken-jima II (Japan)130.22 kb187
Takahashi Meijin no Bouken-jima III (Japan)143.03 kb192
Takahashi Meijin no Bouken-jima IV (Japan)182.65 kb230
Takahashi Meijin no Bugutte Honey (Japan)73.66 kb148
Takeda Shingen (Japan)50.89 kb115
Takeda Shingen 2 (Japan)144.24 kb107
Takeshi no Chousenjou (Japan)68.69 kb191
Takeshi no Sengoku Fuuunji (Japan)128.07 kb114
Takeshi no Sengoku Fuuunji (Japan) (Beta)128.09 kb97
TaleSpin (Europe)118.57 kb99
TaleSpin (USA)118.52 kb272
Tamura Koushou Mahjong Seminar (Japan)73.20 kb91
Tanigawa Kouji no Shougi Shinan II (Japan)57.06 kb97
Tanigawa Kouji no Shougi Shinan III (Japan)66.96 kb96
Tantei Jinguuji Saburou - Toki no Sugiyuku Mama ni (Japan)100.04 kb139
Tantei Jinguuji Saburou - Yokohamakou Renzoku Satsujin Jiken (Japan)100.78 kb135
Tao (Japan)153.20 kb113
Target Renegade (USA)88.78 kb200
Taro's Quest (USA) (Proto)134.15 kb112
Tasac (Asia) (Unl)29.73 kb87
Tashiro Masashi no Princess ga Ippai (Japan)119.22 kb115
Tatakae! Chou Robot Seimeitai Transformers - Convoy no Nazo (Japan)32.79 kb145
Tatakae!! Rahmen Man - Sakuretsu Choujin 102 Gei (Japan)147.37 kb129
Tatakai no Banka (Japan)76.35 kb126
Tatakai no Banka (Japan) (Rev A)76.36 kb96
Tecmo Baseball (USA)66.76 kb159
Tecmo Bowl (Japan)97.77 kb111
Tecmo Bowl (USA)97.71 kb343
Tecmo Bowl (USA) (Beta)98.00 kb68
Tecmo Bowl (USA) (Rev A)100.15 kb149
Tecmo Cup - Football Game (Europe)147.70 kb115
Tecmo Cup - Football Game (Spain)147.13 kb78
Tecmo Cup - Soccer Game (USA)147.75 kb173
Tecmo NBA Basketball (USA)211.85 kb156
Tecmo NBA Basketball (USA) (Rev A)231.25 kb111
Tecmo Super Bowl (Japan)213.02 kb123
Tecmo Super Bowl (USA)213.02 kb341
Tecmo Super Bowl (USA) (Beta)230.41 kb112
Tecmo World Cup Soccer (Europe)48.66 kb282
Tecmo World Cup Soccer (Japan)48.56 kb119
Tecmo World Wrestling (Europe)150.84 kb103
Tecmo World Wrestling (USA)150.92 kb191
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - Tournament Fighters (Europe)142.22 kb184
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Europe)145.19 kb302
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles II - The Arcade Game (Europe)273.32 kb246
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Tournament Fighters (USA)142.14 kb303
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Italy)145.21 kb91
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Japan)257.97 kb184
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (USA)145.15 kb677
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (USA) (Beta)145.33 kb107
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II - The Arcade Game (Australia)273.33 kb112
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II - The Arcade Game (Unknown) (Beta)257.87 kb101
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II - The Arcade Game (USA)257.85 kb636
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II - The Manhattan Project (Japan)291.01 kb178
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III - The Manhattan Project (USA)290.18 kb599
Tenchi o Kurau (Japan)157.43 kb207
Tenchi o Kurau (Japan) (Rev A)157.46 kb123
Tenchi o Kurau II - Shokatsu Koumei Den (Japan)323.58 kb162
Tenchi o Kurau II - Shokatsu Koumei Den (Japan) (Rev A)323.69 kb130
Tenka no Goikenban - Mito Koumon (Japan)144.13 kb136
Tenkaichi Bushi - Keru Naguuru (Japan)108.06 kb149
Tennis (Europe)16.70 kb140
Tennis (Japan, USA)16.75 kb320
Tennis (USA) (GameCube Edition)16.90 kb160
Terao no Dosukoi Oozumou (Japan)102.02 kb100
Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (Europe)140.34 kb143
Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (USA)140.11 kb244
Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (USA) (Beta)112.51 kb66
Terminator 2 (Japan)140.41 kb135
Terminator, The (USA, Europe)139.31 kb246
Terra Cresta (Japan)57.08 kb152
Terra Cresta (USA)60.37 kb169
Tetrastar - The Fighter (Japan)222.04 kb128
Tetris (Bulletproof) (Japan)24.58 kb229
Tetris (Bulletproof) (Japan) (Rev A)24.71 kb104
Tetris (Bulletproof) (Japan) (Rev B)24.77 kb135
Tetris (Europe)25.28 kb336
Tetris (USA)25.16 kb667
Tetris (USA) (Unl)23.85 kb234
Tetris 2 (Europe)67.02 kb163
Tetris 2 (USA)66.83 kb316
Tetris 2 + Bombliss (Japan)81.59 kb176
Tetris 2 + Bombliss (Japan) (Rev A)81.70 kb128
Tetris Flash (Japan)68.70 kb153
Tetsudou Ou - Famicom Boardgame (Japan)30.29 kb154
Tetsuwan Atom (Japan)105.78 kb142
Thexder (Japan)17.39 kb165
Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends (USA) (Proto)128.10 kb138
Three Stooges, The (USA)154.65 kb175
Three Stooges, The (USA) (Beta)154.66 kb63
Thunder & Lightning (USA)72.11 kb168
Thunder Warrior (Asia) (Unl)114.39 kb80
Thunderbirds (Japan)115.24 kb115
Thunderbirds (USA)131.57 kb164
Thundercade (USA)53.48 kb147
Tiger-Heli (Europe)26.14 kb108
Tiger-Heli (Japan)26.16 kb124
Tiger-Heli (USA)26.18 kb222
Tiles of Fate (USA) (Unl)37.20 kb116
Time Diver Eon Man (USA) (Proto)118.61 kb139
Time Lord (Europe)91.69 kb95
Time Lord (USA)91.67 kb155
Time Zone (Japan)127.36 kb120
Times of Lore (Japan)70.73 kb92
Times of Lore (USA)67.90 kb135
Tiny Toon Adventures (Europe)145.49 kb156
Tiny Toon Adventures (Japan)146.56 kb138
Tiny Toon Adventures (USA)145.59 kb311
Tiny Toon Adventures 2 - Montana Land e Youkoso (Japan)139.04 kb188
Tiny Toon Adventures 2 - Trouble in Wackyland (Europe)138.49 kb140
Tiny Toon Adventures 2 - Trouble in Wackyland (USA)138.41 kb246
Tiny Toon Adventures Cartoon Workshop (Europe)144.79 kb103
Tiny Toon Adventures Cartoon Workshop (USA)144.59 kb183
Titan (Japan)68.83 kb114
Titan Warriors (USA) (Proto)76.22 kb153
TM Network - Live in Power Bowl (Japan)132.21 kb120
To the Earth (Europe)41.09 kb77
To the Earth (USA)41.03 kb148
Toki (USA)168.58 kb195
Toki no Tabibito (Japan)60.01 kb123
Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain (Japan)138.09 kb194
Tokoro-san no Mamoru mo Semeru mo (Japan)36.45 kb117
Tom & Jerry - The Ultimate Game of Cat and Mouse! (Europe)110.05 kb131
Tom & Jerry - The Ultimate Game of Cat and Mouse! (USA)110.03 kb300
Tom & Jerry (Japan)110.27 kb134
Tom Sawyer no Bouken (Japan)120.21 kb122
Tombs & Treasure (USA)151.81 kb138
Toobin' (USA) (Unl)73.81 kb151
Top Gun - Dual Fighters (Japan)130.33 kb134
Top Gun - The Second Mission (Europe)131.04 kb113
Top Gun - The Second Mission (USA)130.17 kb168
Top Gun (Europe)72.31 kb134
Top Gun (Japan)77.51 kb126
Top Gun (USA)72.31 kb228
Top Gun (USA) (Rev A)72.33 kb122
Top Rider (Japan)42.35 kb104
Top Striker (Japan)102.00 kb104
Total Funpak (Australia) (Unl)68.61 kb87
Total Recall (Europe)103.50 kb111
Total Recall (USA)103.77 kb177
Totally Rad (Europe)143.42 kb83
Totally Rad (USA)143.41 kb178
Totsuzen! Macchoman (Japan)73.86 kb125
Totsuzen! Macchoman (Japan) (Beta)73.85 kb76
Touch Down Fever (Japan)70.42 kb98
Touch Down Fever (USA)63.99 kb127
Touhou Kenbun Roku (Japan)121.48 kb113
Toukon Club (Japan)204.19 kb119
Toukyou Pachi-Slot Adventure (Japan) (Rev A)82.94 kb158
Tower of Radia (USA) (Proto)245.39 kb445
Town & Country Surf Designs - Thrilla's Surfari (USA)152.66 kb225
Town & Country Surf Designs - Wood & Water Rage (USA)33.60 kb232
Toxic Crusaders (USA)139.30 kb174
Track & Field (USA)34.70 kb377
Track & Field II (Europe)175.18 kb144
Track & Field II (USA)175.05 kb227
Track & Field II (USA) (Rev A)175.16 kb106
Track & Field in Barcelona (Europe)34.91 kb126
Treasure Master (USA)121.85 kb152
Triathron, The (Japan)97.99 kb102
Trog! (Europe)79.09 kb81
Trog! (USA)79.09 kb145
Trojan (Europe)76.38 kb97
Trojan (USA)76.34 kb189
Trolls in Crazyland, The (Europe)136.31 kb142
Trolls on Treasure Island (USA) (Unl)34.93 kb121
Tsuppari Oozumou (Japan)43.23 kb165
Tsuppari Wars (Japan)80.32 kb120
Tsuri Kichi Sanpei - Blue Marlin Hen (Japan)56.73 kb127
Tsuru Pika Hagemaru - Mezase! Tsuru Seko no Akashi (Japan)136.06 kb99
Turbo Racing (Europe)97.51 kb117
Twin Cobra (USA)100.90 kb192
Twin Eagle (Asia) (PAL) (Unl)30.82 kb68
Twin Eagle (Japan)71.43 kb99
Twin Eagle (USA)59.17 kb165
TwinBee (Japan)29.32 kb307
TwinBee 3 - Poko Poko Daimaou (Japan)123.41 kb255
TwinBee 3 - Poko Poko Daimaou (Japan) (Beta)93.12 kb76