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R.B.I. Baseball (USA)34.29 kb753
R.B.I. Baseball (USA) (Unl)34.30 kb408
R.B.I. Baseball 2 (USA) (Unl)64.06 kb556
R.B.I. Baseball 3 (USA) (Unl)71.72 kb575
R.C. Pro-Am (Europe)34.66 kb480
R.C. Pro-Am (Europe) (Rev A)33.51 kb391
R.C. Pro-Am (USA)34.68 kb1063
R.C. Pro-Am (USA) (Rev A)33.42 kb596
R.C. Pro-Am II (Europe)98.55 kb505
R.C. Pro-Am II (USA)98.22 kb1266
Race America (USA)82.43 kb657
Racer Mini Yonku - Japan Cup (Japan)149.62 kb717
Racermate Challenge II (Europe) (v9.03.128) (Unl)31.86 kb403
Racermate Challenge II (USA) (v3.11.088) (Unl)31.50 kb386
Racermate Challenge II (USA) (v5.01.033) (Unl)31.84 kb376
Racermate Challenge II (USA) (v6.02.002) (Unl)32.08 kb424
Racket Attack (Europe)137.51 kb438
Racket Attack (USA)137.52 kb632
Rackets & Rivals (Europe)123.85 kb570
Rad Racer (Europe)39.64 kb493
Rad Racer (USA)39.61 kb1288
Rad Racer II (USA)44.68 kb1088
Rad Racket - Deluxe Tennis II (USA) (Unl)27.64 kb482
Radac Tailor-Made (Japan)48.58 kb697
Radia Senki - Reimei Hen (Japan)213.80 kb822
Radical Bomber!! Jirai-kun (Japan) [b]39.06 kb554
Raf World (Japan)98.34 kb809
Raid 2020 (USA) (Unl)39.91 kb520
Raid on Bungeling Bay (Japan)15.29 kb699
Raid on Bungeling Bay (Japan) (En) (Rev A)15.35 kb633
Raid on Bungeling Bay (USA)15.37 kb622
Rainbow Islands - Bubble Bobble 2 (Europe)94.11 kb676
Rainbow Islands - The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 (Japan)64.26 kb729
Rainbow Islands (USA)65.81 kb850
Rally Bike (USA)47.42 kb583
Rambo (Japan)62.42 kb619
Rambo (USA)60.65 kb855
Rambo (USA) (Rev A)60.67 kb481
Rampage (USA)59.01 kb1066
Rampart (Europe)84.90 kb434
Rampart (Japan)85.20 kb706
Rampart (USA)84.84 kb655
Real Players Pak (Australia) (Unl)102.14 kb398
Red Arremer II (Japan)138.42 kb790
Reflect World (Japan) [b]40.31 kb594
Reigen Doushi (Japan)105.64 kb655
Relics - Ankoku Yousai (Japan) [b]64.04 kb636
Remote Control (USA)105.54 kb581
Ren & Stimpy Show, The - Buckeroo$! (USA)105.60 kb774
Renegade (USA)62.58 kb807
Replicart (Japan)40.09 kb636
Rescue - The Embassy Mission (Europe)74.16 kb408
Rescue - The Embassy Mission (USA)74.22 kb657
Rescue - The Embassy Mission (USA) (Beta)84.42 kb359
Ring King (USA)57.70 kb699
Risa no Yousei Densetsu (Japan)70.42 kb605
River City Ransom (USA)107.95 kb1530
Road Fighter (Europe)15.41 kb706
Road Fighter (Japan)14.93 kb1194
Road Runner (USA) (Unl)47.49 kb645
RoadBlasters (Europe)63.80 kb425
RoadBlasters (USA)63.70 kb688
Robert Byrnes Pool Challenge (USA) (Proto) (Unl)29.07 kb431
Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves (Europe)163.60 kb470
Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves (Germany)164.14 kb380
Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves (Spain)164.49 kb408
Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves (USA)163.38 kb641
Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves (USA) (Rev A)162.12 kb450
Robo Warrior (Europe)65.28 kb573
Robo Warrior (USA)64.70 kb726
Robocco Wars (Japan)151.31 kb1125
RoboCop (Europe)105.51 kb626
RoboCop (Japan)105.68 kb671
RoboCop (USA)105.61 kb1845
RoboCop (USA) (Beta)100.17 kb377
RoboCop 2 (Europe)105.68 kb567
RoboCop 2 (Japan)104.46 kb628
RoboCop 2 (USA)104.51 kb913
RoboCop 2 (USA) (Rev A)106.19 kb544
RoboCop 3 (Europe)77.56 kb499
RoboCop 3 (USA)77.56 kb1431
RoboCop versus The Terminator (USA) (Proto)125.51 kb732
Robodemons (USA) (Unl)63.30 kb496
Rock n Ball (USA)71.99 kb860
Rockball (Asia) (Unl)52.03 kb398
Rocket Ranger (USA)102.81 kb584
Rocketeer, The (USA)151.18 kb681
Rockin Kats (Europe)128.20 kb443
Rockin Kats (USA)127.92 kb977
Rockin Kats (USA) (Beta)127.82 kb372
Rockman (Japan) (En)70.71 kb1486
Rockman 2 - Dr. Wily no Nazo (Japan)118.34 kb1528
Rockman 3 - Dr. Wily no Saigo! (Japan)200.51 kb1376
Rockman 4 - Aratanaru Yabou!! (Japan)255.19 kb1705
Rockman 5 - Blues no Wana! (Japan)245.23 kb1363
Rockman 6 - Shijou Saidai no Tatakai!! (Japan)228.00 kb1417
Rocman X (Asia) (Unl)187.56 kb602
Rod Land (Europe)64.32 kb583
Rod Land featuring Rit and Tam (Europe) (Beta)64.41 kb391
Roger Clemens MVP Baseball (USA)168.00 kb559
Roger Rabbit (Japan) [b]35.65 kb696
Rokudenashi Blues (Japan)210.59 kb642
Rollerball (Australia)46.90 kb355
Rollerball (Japan)62.64 kb792
Rollerball (USA)46.82 kb603
Rollerblade Racer (USA)60.87 kb545
Rollergames (Europe)136.39 kb433
Rollergames (USA)136.36 kb1006
Rolling Thunder (Japan)89.38 kb851
Rolling Thunder (USA) (Unl)87.25 kb673
Romance of the Three Kingdoms (USA)118.49 kb747
Romance of the Three Kingdoms II (USA)253.19 kb684
Romancia (Japan)60.38 kb739
Roundball - 2-on-2 Challenge (Europe)117.04 kb517
Roundball - 2-on-2 Challenge (USA)117.06 kb533
Route-16 Turbo (Japan)19.11 kb685
Royal Blood (Japan)207.79 kb639
RPG Jinsei Game (Japan)115.50 kb654
Rumble Station - 15 in 1 (USA) (Unl)598.87 kb572
Rushn Attack (Europe)53.91 kb525
Rushn Attack (USA)53.91 kb1252
Rygar (Europe)68.59 kb537
Rygar (USA)68.53 kb1090
Rygar (USA) (Rev A)68.54 kb609