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Labyrinth (Japan)67.70 kb1144
Lagrange Point (Japan)313.36 kb1658
Lasalle Ishii no Childs Quest (Japan)86.63 kb1066
Laser Invasion (USA)134.95 kb1041
Last Action Hero (USA)86.73 kb1202
Last Armageddon (Japan)215.04 kb1071
Last Ninja, The (USA)91.68 kb1151
Last Starfighter, The (USA)24.46 kb1014
Law of the West (Japan)49.52 kb1156
Layla (Japan)55.42 kb1202
Lee Trevinos Fighting Golf (Europe)95.92 kb617
Lee Trevinos Fighting Golf (USA)95.97 kb861
Legacy of the Wizard (USA)70.70 kb1394
Legend of Kage, The (USA)24.52 kb1431
Legend of Prince Valiant, The (Europe)113.47 kb861
Legend of Robin Hood, The (USA) (Proto)173.90 kb762
Legend of the Ghost Lion (USA)122.03 kb1097
Legend of Zelda, The (Europe)60.33 kb1354
Legend of Zelda, The (Europe) (Rev A)60.45 kb836
Legend of Zelda, The (USA)60.29 kb5002
Legend of Zelda, The (USA) (Rev A)60.41 kb1705
Legend of Zelda, The (USA) (Rev A) (GameCube Edition)60.43 kb912
Legend of Zelda, The (USA) (Rev B) (GameCube Edition)60.43 kb971
Legendary Wings (USA)73.72 kb1368
Legends of the Diamond - The Baseball Championship Game (USA)122.55 kb775
Lemmings (Europe)97.76 kb731
Lemmings (USA)97.72 kb1133
Lethal Weapon (Europe)77.69 kb659
Lethal Weapon (USA)77.67 kb1240
Life Force - Salamander (Europe)82.48 kb814
Life Force (USA)82.43 kb1870
Lightgun Game 2 in 1 - Cosmocop + Cyber Monster (Asia) (Unl)36.57 kb568
Lightgun Game 2 in 1 - Tough Cop + Super Tough Cop (Asia) (Unl)37.56 kb575
Lin Ze Xu Jin Yan (China) (Unl)117.42 kb582
Link no Bouken - The Legend of Zelda 2 (Japan) (v1.0)69.62 kb1129
Link no Bouken - The Legend of Zelda 2 (Japan) (v1.1)69.63 kb1558
Linus Spaceheads Cosmic Crusade (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es) (Unl)185.19 kb808
Lion King, The (Europe)102.67 kb1068
Lipple Island (Japan)85.30 kb1155
Lipstick #.1 - Lolita Hen (Japan) (Unl)27.58 kb856
Lipstick #.2 - Joshi Gakusei Hen (Japan) (Unl)29.43 kb845
Lipstick #.3 - OL Hen (Japan) (Unl)26.38 kb868
Lipstick #.4 - Hakui no Tenshi Hen (Japan) (Unl)31.11 kb844
Lipstick #.5 - Stewardess Hen (Japan) (Unl)31.61 kb857
Little League Baseball - Championship Series (USA)108.04 kb810
Little Magic (Japan)105.66 kb909
Little Mermaid - Ningyo Hime (Japan)76.62 kb892
Little Mermaid - Ningyo Hime (Japan) (Beta)76.58 kb583
Little Mermaid, The (USA)77.08 kb3924
Little Nemo - The Dream Master (Europe)135.33 kb793
Little Nemo - The Dream Master (USA)135.29 kb1809
Little Ninja Brothers (Europe)157.25 kb649
Little Ninja Brothers (USA)157.00 kb1084
Little Red Hood - Xiao Hong Mao (Asia) (Unl)21.53 kb595
Little Red Hood (Australia) (Unl)21.63 kb614
Little Samson (Europe)208.37 kb739
Little Samson (USA)208.29 kb1970
Locksmith (Asia) (PAL) (Unl)19.40 kb568
Lode Runner (Japan)15.64 kb1547
Lode Runner (USA)15.61 kb1713
Lone Ranger, The (USA)204.28 kb1152
Loopz (USA)27.78 kb833
Lord of King, The (Japan)124.05 kb986
Lost Word of Jenny - Ushinawareta Message (Japan)54.45 kb894
Lot Lot (Japan)16.53 kb913
Low G Man - The Low Gravity Man (Europe)114.88 kb634
Low G Man - The Low Gravity Man (USA)114.70 kb1124
Lucky Bingo 777 (Asia) (PAL) (Unl)14.62 kb552
Lunar Ball (Japan)14.91 kb1206
Lunar Pool (Europe)15.06 kb648
Lunar Pool (USA)14.92 kb1070
Lupin Sansei - Pandora no Isan (Japan)87.27 kb1230
Lutter (Japan) [b]49.85 kb848