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F-1 Race (Japan)15.29 kb221
F-1 Sensation (Japan)140.96 kb187
F-117A - Stealth Fighter (USA)264.07 kb161
F-15 Strike Eagle (Europe)250.61 kb99
F-15 Strike Eagle (France) (En,Fr,Nl)250.43 kb68
F-15 Strike Eagle (Germany)250.65 kb80
F-15 Strike Eagle (Italy)250.64 kb64
F-15 Strike Eagle (Sweden) (Sv,Da,Fi)250.52 kb59
F-15 Strike Eagle (USA)243.56 kb147
F1 Circus (Japan)156.12 kb162
F15 City War (USA) (v1.0) (Unl)36.05 kb72
F15 City War (USA) (v1.1) (Unl)36.07 kb112
Famicom Doubutsu Seitai Zukan! - Katte ni Shirokuma - Mori o Sukue no Maki! (Japan)113.67 kb109
Famicom Igo Nyuumon (Japan)87.16 kb104
Famicom Jump - Eiyuu Retsuden (Japan)215.86 kb163
Famicom Jump II - Saikyou no 7 Nin (Japan)376.81 kb201
Famicom Meijin Sen (Japan)98.67 kb112
Famicom Meijin Sen (Japan) (Rev A)97.74 kb88
Famicom Shougi - Ryuuousen (Japan)121.79 kb106
Famicom Shougi - Ryuuousen (Japan) (Beta)121.43 kb91
Famicom Top Management (Japan)109.99 kb112
Famicom Wars (Japan) (Rev 0B)110.19 kb242
Famicom Yakyuu Ban (Japan)131.62 kb116
Family BASIC (Japan) (v2.0a)28.88 kb117
Family BASIC (Japan) (v2.1a)28.87 kb98
Family BASIC (Japan) (v3.0)26.07 kb126
Family Block (Japan)72.22 kb105
Family Boxing (Japan)65.77 kb167
Family Circuit '91 (Japan)276.20 kb141
Family Circuit (Japan)70.38 kb142
Family Feud (USA)100.04 kb134
Family Jockey (Japan)31.02 kb157
Family Mahjong (Japan)93.76 kb124
Family Mahjong (Japan) (Rev A)93.80 kb107
Family Mahjong II - Shanghai e no Michi (Japan)108.85 kb121
Family Pinball (Japan)82.99 kb147
Family Quiz - 4-nin wa Rival (Japan)71.20 kb155
Family School (Japan)118.36 kb102
Family Tennis (Japan)56.13 kb197
Family Trainer 1 - Athletic World (Japan)33.42 kb124
Family Trainer 1 - Athletic World (Japan) (Rev 1)33.43 kb84
Family Trainer 10 - Rairai Kyonsees (Japan)36.48 kb103
Family Trainer 10 - Rairai Kyonsees (Japan) (Beta)19.61 kb82
Family Trainer 2 - Running Stadium (Japan)33.57 kb96
Family Trainer 3 - Aerobics Studio (Japan)31.60 kb95
Family Trainer 4 - Jogging Race (Japan)39.85 kb112
Family Trainer 5 - Meiro Daisakusen (Japan)68.17 kb97
Family Trainer 6 - Manhattan Police (Japan)95.73 kb106
Family Trainer 7 - Daiundoukai (Japan)36.12 kb98
Family Trainer 8 - Totsugeki! Fuuun Takeshi-jou (Japan)40.54 kb144
Family Trainer 9 - Fuuun Takeshi-jou 2 (Japan)63.01 kb123
Famista '89 - Kaimaku Ban!! (Japan)64.43 kb158
Famista '90 (Japan)90.15 kb133
Famista '91 (Japan)100.13 kb122
Famista '92 (Japan)104.90 kb127
Famista '93 (Japan)124.16 kb125
Famista '94 (Japan)114.52 kb319
Fan Kong Jing Ying (China) (Unl)424.40 kb70
Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, The (USA) (Aladdin Compact Cartridge) (Unl)176.78 kb93
Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, The (USA) (Unl)173.50 kb142
Fantasy Zone (Japan)85.60 kb180
Fantasy Zone (USA) (Unl)65.60 kb152
Fantasy Zone II - Opa-Opa no Namida (Japan)133.47 kb174
Faria - A World of Mystery & Danger! (USA)141.61 kb157
Faria - Fuuin no Tsurugi (Japan)139.90 kb117
Faxanadu (Europe)140.10 kb146
Faxanadu (Japan)145.31 kb173
Faxanadu (USA)142.25 kb272
Faxanadu (USA) (Rev A)142.32 kb130
FC Genjin - Freakthoropus Computerus (Japan)147.38 kb134
Felix the Cat (Europe)131.74 kb133
Felix the Cat (USA)131.77 kb232
Feng Shen Bang (Asia) (Unl)442.61 kb78
Ferrari (Japan)127.24 kb114
Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge (Europe)129.16 kb102
Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge (USA)126.66 kb141
Fester's Quest (Europe)105.39 kb128
Fester's Quest (USA)105.41 kb234
Field Combat (Japan)14.96 kb171
Fighting Golf (Japan)115.97 kb107
Fighting Hero (Asia) (Unl)109.00 kb81
Fighting Hero III (Asia) (Unl)310.60 kb107
Fighting Road (Japan)110.89 kb120
Final Combat (Asia) (NTSC) (Unl)36.24 kb84
Final Combat (Asia) (PAL) (Unl)33.67 kb71
Final Fantasy (Japan) (Rev 0A)146.57 kb165
Final Fantasy (Japan) (Rev B)146.57 kb158
Final Fantasy (USA)147.00 kb655
Final Fantasy I, II (Japan)317.03 kb214
Final Fantasy II (Japan)169.39 kb287
Final Fantasy II (USA) (Proto)169.78 kb228
Final Fantasy III (Japan)332.74 kb499
Final Lap (Japan)88.52 kb136
Final Mission (Japan)126.31 kb172
Fire 'n Ice (USA)133.61 kb195
Fire Dragon (Asia) (Unl)13.44 kb94
Fire Emblem - Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Tsurugi (Japan)214.89 kb478
Fire Emblem Gaiden (Japan)245.99 kb427
Fire Hawk (USA) (Unl)88.10 kb137
Fisher-Price - Firehouse Rescue (USA)28.13 kb116
Fisher-Price - I Can Remember (USA)25.01 kb113
Fisher-Price - Perfect Fit (USA)24.19 kb124
Fist of the North Star (USA)55.83 kb170
Flappy (Japan)24.12 kb159
Fleet Commander (Japan)38.16 kb113
Flight of the Intruder (USA)61.11 kb122
Flintstones, The - The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy (Europe)181.75 kb131
Flintstones, The - The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy (Japan)181.13 kb127
Flintstones, The - The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy (USA)181.68 kb228
Flintstones, The - The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak (Europe)174.02 kb107
Flintstones, The - The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak! (USA)173.84 kb222
Flipull - An Exciting Cube Game (Japan) (En)23.45 kb155
Flipull - An Exciting Cube Game (Japan) (En) (Rev 1)23.48 kb125
Flying Dragon - The Secret Scroll (USA)75.37 kb150
Flying Hero (Japan)74.53 kb164
Flying Warriors (USA)168.05 kb164
Flying Warriors (USA) (Beta)166.74 kb83
Formation Z (Japan)14.50 kb223
Formation Z (Japan) (Rev A)14.52 kb101
Formula 1 Sensation (Europe)142.00 kb162
Formula One - Built to Win (USA)116.49 kb147
Foton - The Ultimate Game on Planet Earth (Japan)49.21 kb111
Four Players' Tennis (Europe)132.06 kb89
Fox's Peter Pan & the Pirates - The Revenge of Captain Hook (USA)57.11 kb183
Frankenstein - The Monster Returns (USA)151.24 kb167
Free Fall (USA) (Proto)52.06 kb121
Freedom Force (USA)82.19 kb154
Friday the 13th (USA)41.67 kb252
Front Line (Japan)13.31 kb178
Fudou Myouou Den (Japan)169.51 kb147
Fun Blaster Pak (Australia) (Unl)117.37 kb112
Fun House (USA)75.72 kb133
Fushigi na Blobby - Blobania no Kiki (Japan)103.36 kb111
Fushigi no Umi no Nadia (Japan)104.50 kb122
Futebol (Brazil) (Unl)45.40 kb83
Fuzzical Fighter (Japan)125.11 kb121