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J4G - A Girls World (Europe) (En,De)17.93 mb1028
Jackass - The Game DS69.41 mb2812
Jacqueline Wilsons Tracy Beaker - The Game (Europe)3.51 mb967
Jagged Alliance (USA)36.03 mb1387
Jaka Jaka Music! M09 (Japan)57.66 mb1241
Jake Hunter - Detective Chronicles (USA)14.92 mb1387
Jake Hunter Detective Story - Memories of the Past69.91 mb1773
Jake Power - Fireman22.39 mb1246
Jake Power - Handyman22.39 mb1626
Jake Power - Policeman22.38 mb1216
Jam Sessions - Sing and Play Guitar75.28 mb1533
Jam Sessions 2 (USA) (En,Fr,Es) (NDSi Enhanced)41.71 mb1510
Jam with the Band77.20 mb1694
Jambo! Safari - Animal Rescue18.11 mb1325
James Camerons Avatar - The Game29.55 mb1916
James Patterson Womens Murder Club - Games of Passion27.90 mb1336
James Pond - Codename Robocod2.41 mb1184
Jan Sangoku Musou (Japan)101.19 mb1447
Janes Hotel6.45 mb1318
JApprends lAnglais CP-CM1 (Europe) (Fr,It) [b]33.82 mb1054
Jason Rohrer with Music by Tom Bailey - Diamond Trust of London (USA)92.80 mb1255
Je Decouvre les Echecs (Europe) (Fr,It) [b]11.34 mb918
Jelly Belly - Ballistic Beans!2.67 mb971
Jelly Belly - Ballistic Beans! (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It) [b]2.67 mb867
Jenga - World Tour9.70 mb1205
Jeoldaepiryo - Yeongsugeo 1000 DS (Korea) [b]41.15 mb994
Jeoldaeuwi - Yeongdaneo 1900 DS (Korea) [b]46.15 mb930
Jeopardy! (USA)9.14 mb1314
Jet Impulse (Japan)62.00 mb1697
Jetix Puzzle Buzzle (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Sv,No,Da,Fi)2.49 mb1107
Jewel Adventures3.06 mb1057
Jewel Legends - Tree of Life6.39 mb1123
Jewel Link - Arctic Quest3.01 mb1166
Jewel Link - Atlantic Quest3.03 mb975
Jewel Link - Galactic Quest (Europe)2.83 mb916
Jewel Link - Safari Quest2.78 mb1006
Jewel Link Double Pack5.55 mb1040
Jewel Link Mysteries - Mountains of Madness13.58 mb1152
Jewel Master - Atlantis6.64 mb1119
Jewel Master - Cradle of Athena6.18 mb1390
Jewel Master - Cradle of Egypt 27.22 mb1140
Jewel Master - Cradle of Persia7.27 mb1109
Jewel Master - Cradle of Rome 27.42 mb1288
Jewel Master - Egypt5.52 mb1111
Jewel Master Collection (USA) (En,Fr,Es)5.61 mb1032
Jewel Match2.69 mb958
Jewel Match & 4 Elements (Germany) (Fr,De)12.68 mb910
Jewel Match 2 (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Nl)8.77 mb986
Jewel Match 3 (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Nl)6.69 mb997
Jewel Quest - Expeditions9.19 mb1486
Jewel Quest - Mysteries23.36 mb1228
Jewel Quest - Solitaire - Solitaire with a Twist!10.08 mb1313
Jewel Quest - Solitaire (France) [b]10.09 mb986
Jewel Quest - Solitaire Trio76.56 mb1366
Jewel Quest 5 - The Sleepless Star (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Nl)14.32 mb1109
Jewel Quest IV - Heritage (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Nl)13.96 mb1068
Jewel Quest Mysteries 2 - Trail of the Midnight Heart (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Nl)9.18 mb1051
Jewel Time Deluxe2.58 mb1074
Jewelpet - Kawaii Mahou no Fantasy (Japan)7.75 mb1100
Jewelpet - Mahou no DS Kirapikarin (Japan)17.21 mb1575
Jewelpet - Mahou no Oheya de Issho ni Asobou! (Japan) [b]10.42 mb1111
Jewels of the Ages5.29 mb1052
Jewels of the Tropical Lost Island5.55 mb1182
Jigapix - Love is (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl) (NDSi Enhanced)7.80 mb981
Jigapix - Pets5.47 mb1029
Jigapix - Wild World4.89 mb1041
Jigapix - Wonderful World5.17 mb1045
Jigoku Shoujo - Akekazura (Japan)11.69 mb1161
Jigsaw Puzzle DS - DS de Meguru Sekai Isan no Tabi (Japan)22.19 mb1161
Jigsaw World - Daigekitou! Jig Battle Heroes (Japan)49.99 mb1276
Jiji Tsuushin Shuppan-Kyoku Kyouryoku - Katei no Igaku - DS de Kitaeru Shokuzai Kenkou Training (Japan)15.17 mb1003
Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010 (USA)20.86 mb994
Jinsei Game (Japan)9.01 mb1114
Jinsei Game DS (Japan)2.51 mb968
Jinsei Game Q - DS Heisei no Dekigoto (Japan)4.24 mb988
Jinsei Game Q - DS Shouwa no Dekigoto (Japan)4.52 mb995
Jishin DS 72-jikan (Japan)9.24 mb1001
Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! DS - Aladdin II Evolution (Japan)18.37 mb1159
Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! DS - Hokuto no Ken (Japan)11.91 mb1128
Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! DS - Hokuto no Ken SE (Japan)26.02 mb1248
Jjangguneun Monmallyeo - Cinemaland Chalkak Chalkak Daesodong! (Korea) [b]64.08 mb1013
Joan Jade and the Gates of Xibalba (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Nl)5.41 mb918
John Deere - Harvest in the Heartland5.18 mb1076
Johnny Bravo in the Hukka-Mega-Mighty-Ultra-Extreme Date-O-Rama!7.89 mb1327
Johnny no Dasshutsu Daisakusen (Japan)4.61 mb920
Johnny Test (USA) (En,Fr,Es)8.35 mb1189
Jojos Fashion Show - Design in a Dash!12.73 mb1137
Jojos Fashion Show (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It) [b]12.72 mb896
Jonas41.62 mb1314
Josefine - Hotell Skrotenborg39.99 mb1126
Josefine - Jungelskatten24.66 mb1042
Josefine - Magi i Eventyrland36.46 mb1084
Josefine - Magi i Eventyrland (Europe) (Sv,No) [b]73.71 mb1052
Josefine og Droemmespeilet39.33 mb1918
Josefine og Droemmespeilet (Norway) [b]17.25 mb937
Josefine Skolehjelp - Engelsk - Mystery in London71.34 mb1141
Josefine Skolehjelp - Laer a stave - Staving eller Kaos45.53 mb1105
Josefine Skolehjelp - Matematikk - Taake i Tallheimen43.10 mb1111
Josefine Skolehjelp - Norsk - Kaos i Kommaby86.96 mb1153
Josei no Hinkaku Juku DS - Tsuyoku, Yasashiku, Utsukushiku - Bando Mariko Shinsho (Japan)43.23 mb1178
Joshikousei Nigeru! - Shinrei Puzzle Gakuen (Japan)7.37 mb1048
Journey to the Center of the Earth33.63 mb1483
Juggler DS (Japan)22.32 mb1254
Juiced 2 - Hot Import Nights19.03 mb1799
Jumble Madness (USA) [b]8.59 mb960
Jump Super Stars (Japan)14.87 mb3154
Jump Ultimate Stars (Japan)42.38 mb3423
JumpStart - Deep Sea Escape (USA)10.07 mb1233
JumpStart - Legend of Lost Island (USA)10.02 mb1108
Jungle School (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl)9.97 mb990
Junior Brain Trainer2.89 mb929
Junior Brain Trainer - Math Edition4.08 mb968
Junior Brain Trainer (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It) [b]2.92 mb812
Junior Brain Trainer 24.18 mb995
Junior Classic Books & Fairytales7.05 mb1040
Junior Classic Games6.33 mb1107
Junior Island Adventure (USA)10.49 mb1078
Junior Mystery Quest11.42 mb1289
Junior Wort-Quiz, Das (Germany) [b]9.20 mb859
Just in Time Translations - Say It in 6 Languages (USA)23.99 mb1044
Just Sing56.58 mb1513
Just Sing! - Vol. 247.74 mb1417
Just Sing! - Vol. 3 (Europe) (En,Fr,De) (NDSi Enhanced)47.07 mb1226
Justice League Heroes43.24 mb2340
Juushin Enbu DS (Japan)18.15 mb1692
Juushinden - Ultimate Beast Battlers (Japan)23.37 mb1143