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R-C Aerochopper (USA) (v1.1)90.74 kb556
R-Type (Europe)703.85 kb1396
R-Type II (Europe)583.93 kb1290
R.B.I. Two Baseball (Europe)467.63 kb535
R.B.I. Two Baseball (Europe) (Budget - The Hit Squad)461.06 kb610
Raffles (Europe)211.40 kb488
Raider (Europe)615.04 kb607
Railroad Tycoon (Europe) (v855.01)961.36 kb690
Railroad Tycoon (Europe) (v855.02)970.62 kb674
Railroad Tycoon (Germany) (v855.01)958.64 kb663
Railroad Tycoon (Germany) (v855.02)962.58 kb621
Rainbow Islands (Europe)309.99 kb1155
Rainbow Islands (Europe) (Alt 1)313.14 kb559
Rainbow Islands (Europe) (Budget - The Hit Squad)308.04 kb713
Rally Championships (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Pt,Pl) (ECS)3.14 mb848
Rambo III (Europe) (Budget - The Hit Squad)389.87 kb720
Rambo III (USA)405.06 kb698
Rampart (Europe)775.81 kb709
RanX (France) (Compilation - 10 Megahits Vol. 3)788.91 kb538
Reach for the Skies (Europe) (v1.1)1.00 mb673
Reach for the Stars - The Conquest of the Galaxy (USA) (v3.0)453.92 kb529
Real Ghostbusters, The (Europe)248.67 kb703
Realm of the Trolls (Europe) (Compilation - 5th Anniversary)239.00 kb670
Realms (Europe) (En,Fr,De)567.34 kb606
Realms of Arkania - Blade of Destiny (Europe) (OCS, ECS)5.19 mb775
Recognize Me (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)101.11 kb491
Red Baron (Europe)1.79 mb812
Red Baron (Europe) (Compilation - The Lords of Power)1.94 mb659
Red Baron (Germany)1.80 mb630
Red Heat (Europe)514.43 kb581
Red Heat (Europe) (Budget - The Hit Squad)509.25 kb497
Red Storm Rising (Europe) (v843.02)571.41 kb544
Reeder, Der (Germany) (v1.12 - 1995-08-24)3.08 mb849
Reederei (Germany)130.98 kb464
Reise zum Mittelpunkt der Erde (Germany)988.93 kb587
Renaissance (Europe)630.50 kb570
Renegade (Europe)325.10 kb694
Renegade (Europe) (Budget - The Hit Squad)319.68 kb499
Renegade Legion - Interceptor (Europe)443.70 kb528
Resolution 101 (Europe)300.10 kb494
Retee! (Italy)305.67 kb465
Return to Atlantis (Europe)928.99 kb646
Reunion (Germany) (AGA)6.64 mb928
Reunion (Germany) (OCS, ECS)3.54 mb696
Revelation! (Europe)310.56 kb497
Rick Dangerous (Europe)342.53 kb1291
Rick Dangerous (Europe) (Alt 1 - Level Select)189.27 kb563
Rick Dangerous (Europe) (Alt 2 - Unlimited Lives)169.11 kb601
Rick Dangerous 2 (Europe)357.32 kb1176
Rick Dangerous 2 (Europe) (Budget - Kixx)356.98 kb576
Rick Daviss World Trophy Soccer (Europe)381.52 kb496
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Games (Europe) (Compilation - Mega Pack II)375.58 kb490
Rings of Medusa (Europe) (v1.6)650.51 kb746
Rings of Medusa (Germany) (v1.02)652.20 kb518
Rings of Medusa (Germany) (v1.04)653.10 kb495
Rings of Medusa (Germany) (v1.6)650.45 kb576
Rings of Medusa II - The Return of Medusa (Germany) (v1.07C+ AUG 28 1991) (Coverdisk - Amiga Fun - Issue xx)801.34 kb604
Ringside (Europe) (Compilation - Hyperaction)348.82 kb482
Rise of the Dragon (Europe) (v1.0)6.18 mb847
Rise of the Robots (Europe) (AGA)8.85 mb861
Rise of the Robots (Europe) (ECS)5.64 mb739
Risk - The World Conquest Game (Europe) (v1.9) (Compilation - Board Genius)131.89 kb520
Riskant! (Germany)201.81 kb584
Risky Woods (Europe)1.13 mb760
Road Blasters (Europe)185.39 kb564
Road Blasters (Europe) (Budget - Kixx)185.46 kb437
Road Rash (Europe)1.45 mb816
Roadkill (Europe) (AGA)2.40 mb772
Roadwar Europa (Europe)304.79 kb496
Roadwars (Europe)169.18 kb475
Robinsons Requiem (Europe) (En,Fr,De) (AGA)3.47 mb762
RoboCop (Europe)460.28 kb1020
RoboCop (Europe) (Budget - The Hit Squad)437.66 kb526
RoboCop (Europe) (Compilation - Hollywood Collection)442.29 kb716
RoboCop 2 (Europe)1.27 mb1156
RoboCop 3 (Europe)1.74 mb1034
RoboCop 3 (Europe) (En,Fr,De) (Dongle Protected)1.84 mb762
RoboCop 3D (USA)1.73 mb829
RoboSport (Europe)867.78 kb572
Robotnic (Europe)264.46 kb496
Robozone (Europe)1.34 mb626
Rock n Roll (Europe)663.36 kb830
Rock n Roll (Europe) (Compilation - 5th Anniversary)864.72 kb579
Rock-A-Doodle - The Computerized Coloring Book (Europe)262.28 kb466
Rocket Ranger (Europe)1.26 mb794
Rocket Ranger (Europe) (Budget - Mirror Image)1.27 mb574
Rocket Ranger (Germany) (En)1.27 mb591
Rocket Ranger (Germany) (En) (Budget - Mirror Image)1.28 mb569
Rodland (Europe) (v1.3)423.26 kb570
Rodland (Europe) (v1.32)423.66 kb728
Rody et Mastico (France)397.24 kb470
Rody et Mastico II (France)359.17 kb464
Rody et Mastico III (France)349.11 kb538
Rody et Mastico IV - Rody Noel (France)392.04 kb452
Rody et Mastico V (France)425.89 kb457
Rody et Mastico VI (France)377.73 kb486
Rody und Mastico (Germany)453.64 kb474
Roller Coaster Rumbler (Europe)363.25 kb517
Rollerball (Europe) (Coverdisk - Amiga Special - Issue xx)304.25 kb488
Rolling Ronny (Europe)756.10 kb598
Rolling Ronny (Europe) (Coverdisk)769.24 kb522
Rolling Thunder (Europe)342.84 kb871
Rolling Thunder (Europe) (Budget - KlassiX)342.68 kb466
Romantic Encounters at the Dome (Europe)790.05 kb566
Rome AD 92 - The Pathway to Power (Europe) (En,Fr,De,It)2.14 mb700
Rotox (Europe)811.97 kb575
Rubicon (Europe)1.15 mb635
Ruesselsheim (Germany) (AGA)1.22 mb577
Ruff and Reddy in the Space Adventure (Europe)195.62 kb497
Ruff n Tumble (Europe)1.41 mb1053
Ruffian (Europe)1.76 mb668
Rugby - The World Cup (Europe)593.60 kb551
Rugby Coach (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)151.29 kb570
Rugby League Coach (Europe)417.11 kb503
Rules of Engagement (USA) (v1.03 10.14.91)856.43 kb571
Run the Gauntlet (Europe) (Compilation - Party Time)666.85 kb574
Run the Gauntlet (Europe) (Compilation - Sports Collection)633.09 kb517
Running Man, The (Europe)913.32 kb713
RVF Honda (Europe) (Compilation - Magnum)568.12 kb561
Ryder Cup - Johnnie Walker (Europe) (AGA)2.33 mb698