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A holiday miracle! Re-added CD-i, PCECD, Dreamcast, 3DO, NGCD ISOs. Replaced the GC set with NKit-scrubbed ISOs. Converted nearly all CD sets to CHD format. Replaced many of the older ROM sets with No-Intro. Updated the MAME set to .216. Recompressed nearly everything in 7z where possible.

Replaced all the sets with GoodMerge, added DS and Gamecube. Updated MAME to .208. Removed Flash-based emulator, DC, 3DO, Saturn ISOs.

You're now able to play NES, SNES, Game Boy, GBA, and Genesis games from right within the browser! Requires Adobe Flash.

MAME ROMs updated to .158! Still working on the CHDs, some logistical things to figure out due to their size.

Over 150 SNK Neo-Geo CDs added!

Another 450 games! NEC Turbo Grafx CD gets some love! Enjoy!

450 Sega CD ISOs added!

Happy holidays! Back with a somewhat updated look. Download counts are reset, sorry for that. Still adding stuff, check back for more soon!

ROMs / Commodore Amiga ROMs

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B.A.T. (Europe)1.16 mb181
B.A.T. (France)1.16 mb214
B.A.T. (Germany)1.16 mb205
B.A.T. II (Europe)3.06 mb202
B.A.T. II (France)3.06 mb230
B.A.T. II (Germany)3.06 mb198
B.C. Kid (Europe)1.04 mb201
B17 Flying Fortress (Europe) (En,Fr,De) (v1.02)1.90 mb200
Baal (Europe)368.06 kb166
Baby Jo in Going Home (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es)502.71 kb173
Back to the Future Part II (Europe)493.23 kb198
Back to the Future Part III (Europe)1.20 mb211
Back to the Future Part III (USA)1.21 mb190
Backgammon (Europe)388.36 kb205
Backlash (Europe)127.92 kb157
Bad Cat (Europe) (Compilation - 5th Anniversary)485.17 kb169
Bad Company (Europe)363.32 kb164
Bad Dudes (USA)492.29 kb180
Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja (Europe)498.26 kb181
Badlands (Europe)511.40 kb190
Badlands (Europe) (Budget - The Hit Squad)503.36 kb173
BadLands + Skull & Crossbones + S.T.U.N. Runner (Europe) (Compilation - TNT 2)1.50 mb179
Badlands Pete (Europe)490.10 kb164
Balance of Power - Geopolitics in the Nuclear Age (USA)194.53 kb176
Balance of Power - The 1990 Edition (Europe)312.62 kb153
Ball Game, The (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)231.78 kb157
Ballistix (Europe)420.34 kb156
Ballyhoo (Europe)144.08 kb144
Bambino Collection - Bambino and the Puzzle (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)217.88 kb155
Bandit Kings of Ancient China (Europe)1.03 mb171
Bangkok Knights (Europe)912.09 kb184
Banshee (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Da) (AGA)2.99 mb261
Bar Games (Europe)970.63 kb168
Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior (Europe)335.65 kb189
Barbarian (Europe)440.04 kb178
Barbarian (Europe) (Alt 1)441.64 kb191
Barbarian II (Europe) (Demo, Promo) (Psygnosis)276.35 kb147
Barbarian II (Europe) (En,Fr,De,It) (Psygnosis)2.11 mb231
Barbarian II (Europe) (Palace)808.95 kb195
Barbarian II (Europe) (Palace) (Compilation - Heroes)739.36 kb168
Barbarian II (Europe) (Palace) (Compilation - NRJ - La CompilAction Vol.4)805.60 kb158
Bards Tale Construction Set, The (Europe)1.16 mb190
Bards Tale II, The - The Destiny Knight (Europe)701.30 kb175
Bards Tale III, The - Thief of Fate (Europe)1.00 mb187
Bards Tale, The - Tales of the Unknown (Europe)751.72 kb184
Bards Tale, The - Tales of the Unknown (USA)748.85 kb171
Bargon Attack (France) (Compilation - Kings of Adventure 1)2.27 mb188
Barney Bear Goes to Space (Europe)984.91 kb193
Baron Baldric - A Grave Adventure (Europe) (En,Fr,De)1.07 mb175
Base Jumpers (Europe)704.47 kb164
Batman - The Caped Crusader (Europe)460.30 kb191
Batman - The Caped Crusader (Europe) (Budget - The Hit Squad)378.05 kb151
Batman (Europe)788.91 kb208
Batman (Europe) (1 Disk)767.68 kb175
Batman (Europe) (Budget - The Hit Squad)769.24 kb168
Batman Returns (Europe)1.35 mb224
Battle Chess (Europe)758.04 kb330
Battle Chess (Europe) (Alt 1)758.27 kb162
Battle Chess II - Chinese Chess (Europe)1.18 mb182
Battle Command (Europe) (En,Fr,De)509.64 kb152
Battle Command (USA)500.67 kb164
Battle for the Ashes (Europe)601.03 kb168
Battle Isle - Data Disk I - Air-Land-Sea (Germany) (Addon)384.27 kb151
Battle Isle - Data Disk II - Der Mond von Chromos (Germany)991.03 kb193
Battle Isle (Europe)1.90 mb191
Battle Isle (Germany)1.90 mb180
Battle Squadron - The Destruction of the Barrax Empire! (Europe)860.72 kb209
Battle Squadron - The Destruction of the Barrax Empire! (USA)860.42 kb177
Battle Tec (Germany) (Coverdisk - Amiga Special - Issue xx)587.70 kb184
Battle Valley (Europe)566.13 kb156
Battle Valley (Europe) (v3.0) (Budget - The 16 Bit Pocket Power Collection)573.91 kb152
Battlehawks 1942 (Europe)694.96 kb165
Battlemaster (Europe)630.43 kb167
Battleships (Europe) (Budget - Encore)141.55 kb153
Battlestorm (USA)494.78 kb193
BattleTech - The Crescent Hawks Inception (USA) (v2.3)480.43 kb163
Battletoads (Europe)899.18 kb173
Beach Volley (Europe)756.10 kb620
Beam (Europe)230.65 kb151
Beambender (Europe)442.39 kb169
Beast Busters (Europe)1.08 mb187
Beastlord (Europe)1.26 mb193
Beavers (Europe)2.17 mb195
Behind the Iron Gate (Germany)1.36 mb186
Beneath a Steel Sky (Europe)6.44 mb245
Beneath a Steel Sky (France)6.38 mb213
Beneath a Steel Sky (Germany)6.40 mb191
Benefactor (Europe)2.05 mb313
Bermuda Project (Europe)564.58 kb156
Bermuda Project (USA)621.68 kb149
Best of the Best - Championship Karate (Europe)1.01 mb175
Betrayal (Europe)430.13 kb159
Better Dead Than Alien (Europe)276.54 kb165
Beverly Hills Cop (Europe)485.40 kb169
Beyond Dark Castle (Europe)1.06 mb175
Beyond the Ice Palace (Europe)97.08 kb162
Beyond the Ice Palace (Europe) (Budget - Encore)97.58 kb138
Beyond the Ice Palace + Battleships (Europe) (Compilation - The Story So Far - Vol 1)233.73 kb143
Beyond Zork - The Coconut of Quendor (USA) (r57)266.58 kb163
Bi-Fi Roll - Action in Hollywood (Germany) (v1.01) (Promo)847.52 kb181
Big Run (Europe)829.72 kb172
Biing! - Sex, Intrigen und Skalpelle (Germany)9.76 mb215
Biing! - Sex, Intrigen und Skalpelle (Germany) (AGA)16.03 mb238
Bill Elliotts NASCAR Challenge (Europe)913.47 kb182
Billiards Simulator (Europe) (En,Fr,De)360.16 kb158
Bills Tomato Game (Europe)886.58 kb170
Bills Tomato Game (Europe) (Demo, Promo) (Bundled with Cytron)226.97 kb143
Bio Challenge (Europe)418.81 kb161
Bio Challenge (Europe) (Compilation - Light Force)425.73 kb155
Bionic Commando (Europe)273.69 kb158
Bionic Commando (USA)273.07 kb168
Birds of Prey (Europe)1.34 mb192
Bismarck (Europe)192.94 kb142
Bismarck (France)195.40 kb139
Black Cauldron, The (Europe) (v2.00) (HLS)376.79 kb151
Black Crypt (Europe)1.51 mb188
Black Gold (Germany)1.08 mb197
Black Gold (Germany) (v1.16 14.1.1992) (Compilation - World of Business)1.19 mb177
Black Lamp (Europe)192.19 kb142
Black Sect (France)1.94 mb205
Black Shadow (Europe)334.30 kb173
Black Shadow (Europe) (Compilation - Computer Hits - Volume Two)334.50 kb149
Black Tiger (Europe)345.99 kb166
Blackjack Academy (Europe)352.03 kb154
Blade (Europe)2.51 mb218
Blade Warrior (Europe)432.24 kb158
Blade Warrior (Europe) (Budget - Zeppelin Platinum)433.98 kb150
Blastaball (Europe)197.31 kb157
Blastar (Europe)2.30 mb187
Blasteroids (Europe)356.51 kb161
Blazing Thunder (Europe)654.28 kb176
Blinkys Scary School (Europe)247.15 kb160
Blitz Tennis (Europe) (OCS, AGA)1.29 mb173
Blitzkrieg - Battle at the Ardennes (Europe) (v1.10)444.88 kb163
Blob (Europe) (Compilation - Corkers)501.21 kb163
Block Out (Europe)389.23 kb167
Blockbuster (Europe)254.21 kb147
Blood Money (Europe)868.82 kb312
BloodNet - A Cyberpunk Gothic (Europe)4.20 mb204
BloodNet - A Cyberpunk Gothic (Europe) (AGA)7.70 mb209
Bloodwych - Data Disks Vol. 1 (Europe) (Addon)241.83 kb150
Bloodwych (Europe)226.12 kb160
Bloodwych (Europe) (Alt 1)246.76 kb140
Bloodwych (Europe) (Compilation - The Power Pack)234.76 kb145
Blue Angel 69 (Europe)375.03 kb156
Blue Angels - Formation Flight Simulation (USA)354.19 kb161
Blue Max - Aces of the Great War (Europe)1.46 mb177
Blues Brothers, The (Europe)357.22 kb167
Blues Brothers, The (Europe) (Alt 1)359.35 kb147
BMX Simulator (Europe)325.27 kb162
Bobo (Europe) (Compilation - European Dreams)440.40 kb156
Bobs Bad Day (Europe)903.50 kb174
Body Blows (Europe) (AGA)2.79 mb211
Body Blows (Europe) (v2.0)2.89 mb194
Body Blows Galactic (Europe)1.98 mb193
Body Blows Galactic (Europe) (AGA)2.00 mb209
Bomb Jack (Europe)178.19 kb236
Bomb Jack + ThunderCats (Europe) (Compilation - Thrill Time - Platinum 2)336.20 kb157
Bomber Bob (Europe)401.48 kb166
Bombuzal (Europe)257.96 kb154
Bombuzal (Europe) (Compilation - Brainblasters)258.63 kb146
Bombuzal (Europe) (Coverdisk - Amiga Power - Issue 01)286.03 kb148
Bonanza Bros. (Europe)534.59 kb171
Booly (Europe) (En,Fr)232.54 kb155
Boot, Das (USA)754.85 kb177
Borobodur - Planet of Doom (Europe)2.41 mb192
Borodino (Europe)202.73 kb158
Borrowed Time (Europe)395.19 kb156
Bosse des Maths, La - 3 eme (France)470.41 kb155
Boston Bomb Club (Europe)405.99 kb153
Boulder Dash Construction Kit (Europe)68.50 kb148
Bozuma (Germany)1.67 mb188
Brain Blasters (Europe)210.20 kb155
Bram Stokers Dracula (Europe)719.40 kb170
Brataccas (USA)128.56 kb149
Breach (USA)309.24 kb154
Breach 2 (Europe) (v2.0)505.57 kb197
Breathless (Europe) (AGA)1.68 mb185
Brian Laras Cricket (Europe)603.98 kb167
Brian the Lion (Europe)2.23 mb205
Brian the Lion (Europe) (Demo, Promo)816.86 kb173
Brian the Lion (Europe) (En,Fr,De,It) (AGA)2.46 mb192
Brides of Dracula (Europe) (En,Fr,De,It)500.15 kb179
Bridge 5.0 (Europe) (v5.1)211.31 kb155
Bridge 6.0 (Europe) (r2.49b)393.77 kb150
Bridge Player Galactica 2150 (Europe)100.00 kb141
Brutal - Paws of Fury (Europe) (En,Fr,De)1.46 mb216
Brutal Football - Deluxe Edition (Europe) (AGA)1.07 mb179
Brutal Football (Europe)783.60 kb160
Bubba n Stix (Europe)1.52 mb190
Bubble + (Europe)321.22 kb160
Bubble and Squeak (Europe)986.88 kb168
Bubble and Squeak (Europe) (AGA)1.15 mb180
Bubble Bobble (Europe)172.32 kb199
Bubble Bobble (Europe) (Budget - The Hit Squad)162.01 kb144
Bubble Bobble (Europe) (Compilation - Jatte Hits)209.59 kb173
Bubble Bobble (USA)165.86 kb163
Bubble Dizzy (Europe) (v1.01)279.88 kb148
Bubble Ghost (Europe)261.56 kb157
Bubble Ghost (Europe) (Compilation - Super Quintet)287.64 kb151
Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday - Science Fiction Role-Playing Computer Game, Vol.I (Germany)1.23 mb189
Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday - Science Fiction Role-Playing Computer Game, Vol.I (USA) (v1.0)1.23 mb203
Budokan - The Martial Spirit (Europe)886.79 kb196
Bug Bash (Europe) (Compilation - Bug Bash + Nucleus)279.18 kb152
Bug Bomber (Europe)238.14 kb156
Buggy Boy (Europe)211.36 kb223
Buggy Boy (Europe) (Compilation - TenStar Pack)160.88 kb141
Buggy Boy (France) (Compilation - Les Fous du Volant)179.77 kb140
Builderland (Europe)332.92 kb169
Bullys Sporting Darts (Europe)311.76 kb150
Bump n Burn (Europe)4.41 mb217
Bumpys Arcade Fantasy (Europe)553.88 kb160
Bundesliga 3000 (Germany)316.92 kb162
Bundesliga Manager Hattrick (Germany)1.63 mb175
Bunny Bricks (Europe)750.35 kb165
Bureaucracy (USA) (r86)241.46 kb148
Burning Rubber (Europe) (AGA)3.01 mb243
Burntime (Europe)1.83 mb203
Burntime (Europe) (AGA)2.40 mb189
Burntime (Germany)1.83 mb182
Burntime (Germany) (AGA)2.41 mb191