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Habitat II (Japan)12.57 mb523
Hang On GP 95 (Japan) (2M)319.25 mb164
Hang On GP 95 (Japan) (Demo) (2M)142.21 mb461
Hang On GP 96 (Europe)319.32 mb753
Hang-On GP (USA)319.32 mb2119
Hansha de Spark! (Japan)200.26 mb614
Hardcore 4x4 (Europe) (En,Fr,De)205.62 mb716
Harukaze Sentai V-Force (Japan) (Disc 1)308.81 mb1829
Harukaze Sentai V-Force (Japan) (Disc 2)305.58 mb1626
Harukaze Sentai V-Force (Japan) (Disc 3)337.56 mb751
Hatsukoi Monogatari (Japan)225.11 mb948
HatTrick Hero S (Japan)144.26 mb1513
Haunted Casino (Japan) (Disc A)376.46 mb9255
Haunted Casino (Japan) (Disc B)355.39 mb13552
Haunted Casino (Japan) (Disc C)388.38 mb13701
Heart of Darkness (Japan) (Proto)212.70 mb649
Heberekes Popoitto (Europe)318.81 mb580
Heim Waltz (Japan) (Rev A)168.30 mb625
Heir of Zendor - The Legend and The Land (USA)414.78 mb1660
Heisei Tensai Bakabon - Susume! Bakabons (Japan)145.19 mb849
Henry Explorers (Japan)330.59 mb908
Hercs Adventures (USA) (RE)288.87 mb1165
Hexen - Beyond Heretic (Japan)344.46 mb710
Hexen (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)344.41 mb653
Hexen (USA)344.46 mb1995
Hi-Octane (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es)205.59 mb1568
Hideo Nomo World Series Baseball (Japan)67.35 mb685
Highschool Terra Story (Japan)275.99 mb1142
Highway 2000 (Europe)221.88 mb462
Highway 2000 (USA)221.42 mb830
Himitsu Sentai Metamor V (Japan)265.59 mb757
Hissatsu Pachinko Collection (Japan)288.48 mb1605
Hissatsu Pachinko Collection (Japan) (Rev A)308.67 mb7109
Hissatsu! (Japan)185.59 mb1769
Hokuto no Ken (Japan)130.76 mb1645
Honkaku 4-nin Uchi Geinoujin Taikyoku Mahjong - The Wareme de Pon (Japan)158.04 mb709
Honkaku Hanafuda (Japan)115.06 mb677
Honkaku Pro Mahjong - Tetsuman Special (Japan)332.55 mb801
Hop Step Idol (Japan)478.83 mb697
Horde, The (Europe)490.71 mb422
Horde, The (France)464.64 mb291
Horde, The (Germany)463.78 mb301
Horde, The (USA)490.71 mb1934
Horror Tour (Japan) (1M)190.86 mb708
Houkago Renai Club - Koi no Etude (Japan) (Disc 1)125.71 mb982
Houkago Renai Club - Koi no Etude (Japan) (Disc 2)142.42 mb948
Houma Hunter Lime Perfect Collection (Japan) (Disc 1)243.63 mb999
Houma Hunter Lime Perfect Collection (Japan) (Disc 2)277.13 mb1039
House of the Dead, The (Europe)285.28 mb7613
House of the Dead, The (Japan) (Demo)10.91 mb356
House of the Dead, The (Japan) (Rev A)282.86 mb12134
Hudson Soft - New Soft Line Up for Sega Saturn (Japan)106.73 mb698
Hyper 3-D Pinball (USA)135.72 mb1604
Hyper Duel (Japan)368.22 mb12715
Hyper Golf, The - Devils Course (Japan)310.07 mb940
Hyper Reverthion (Japan) (2M)403.63 mb726