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G Vector (Japan)239.11 mb1073
Gaia Breeder (Japan)176.54 mb801
Gakkou no Kaidan (Japan)317.87 mb2121
Gakkou no Kowai Uwasa - Hanako-san ga Kita!! (Japan)314.34 mb1149
Gal Jan (Japan)13.55 mb770
Galactic Attack (Europe)311.52 mb1163
Galaxy Fight - Universal Warriors (Japan)391.44 mb2331
Galaxy Fight (Europe)391.39 mb914
Gale Racer (Japan) (En,Ja) (1A)291.56 mb1235
Game Basic for SegaSaturn (Japan)16.30 mb498
Game de Seishun (Japan) (Rev A)237.97 mb654
Game Nihonshi - Kakumeiji Oda Nobunaga (Japan)412.57 mb114
Game no Tatsujin (Japan) (4M)5.70 mb81
Game no Tatsujin 2 (Japan)13.56 mb94
Game no Tetsujin - The Shanghai (Japan)285.30 mb105
Game Tengoku - The Game Paradise! (Japan)379.43 mb1837
Game-Ware Vol. 1 (Japan)400.77 mb832
Game-Ware Vol. 2 (Japan)386.34 mb646
Game-Ware Vol. 4 (Japan) (Disc A)268.24 mb619
Game-Ware Vol. 5 (Japan) (Disc A)350.57 mb678
Game-Ware Vol. 5 (Japan) (Disc B)437.88 mb688
Garou Densetsu 3 - Road to the Final Victory (Japan)370.72 mb12329
Gebockers (Japan) (Demo)187.01 mb569
GeGeGe no Kitarou - Gentou Kaikitan (Japan)111.43 mb1314
Gekiretsu Pachinkers (Japan)98.98 mb4218
Gekirindan (Japan)189.47 mb1526
Gekitotsu Koushien (Japan) (Demo)245.19 mb484
Gekka Mugentan Torico (Japan) (Disc A) (Kyouchou-hen) (1M)470.15 mb568
Gekka Mugentan Torico (Japan) (Disc A) (Kyouchou-hen) (2M)470.15 mb9402
Gekka Mugentan Torico (Japan) (Disc B) (Houkai-hen) (1M)479.55 mb1775
Gekka no Kishi - Ouryuu-sen (Japan)13.83 mb599
Gensou Suikoden (Japan)281.55 mb1810
Gex (Europe)144.12 mb649
Gex (Japan)93.98 mb513
Gex (USA)144.09 mb1351
Ghen War (Japan)287.12 mb610
Ghen War (USA)287.14 mb770
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (Japan)330.12 mb738
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Plus (Japan)368.32 mb835
Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna - Mika Akitaka Illust Works (Japan)120.91 mb720
Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna - Mika Akitaka Illust Works 2 (Japan)39.27 mb684
Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna Remix (Japan)319.19 mb1014
Girl Doll Toy - Tamashii o Kudasai (Japan)227.55 mb1018
Girls in Motion Puzzle Vol. 1 - Hiyake no Omoide + Himekuri (Japan)265.77 mb1014
Girls in Motion Puzzle Vol. 2 - Body Special 264 (Japan)479.96 mb13443
Girls in Motion Puzzle Vol. 2 - Body Special 264 (Japan) (Demo) (2M)477.35 mb440
Goiken Muyou - Anarchy in the Nippon (Japan)269.56 mb971
Golden Axe - The Duel (Europe)327.01 mb3265
Gotha II - Tenkuu no Kishi (Japan)410.90 mb1058
Gotha II - Tenkuu no Kishi + Teitoku no Ketsudan II (Japan) (Demo)102.55 mb485
Gouketsuji Ichizoku 3 - Groove on Fight (Japan)311.69 mb1821
Gradius Deluxe Pack (Japan)250.65 mb8119
Gran Chaser (Japan) (3M)261.70 mb793
Grand Slam (USA)76.37 mb797
Grandia - Digital Museum (Japan) (Rev A) (10M)302.18 mb797
Grandia - Prelude (Japan)160.53 mb732
Grandia (Japan) (Disc 1) (1M)431.52 mb691
Grandia (Japan) (Disc 1) (2M)431.52 mb594
Grandia (Japan) (Disc 1) (4M)431.52 mb1208
Grandia (Japan) (Disc 2) (1M, 2M)401.42 mb806
Grandia (Japan) (Disc 2) (3M)401.42 mb863
Greatest Nine 96 (Japan) (2M)109.98 mb485
Greatest Nine 96 (Japan) (3M)109.98 mb602
Gremlin Demo Disc (Europe)87.27 mb286
Gremlin Demo Disk (Europe)107.10 mb331
Grid Runner (Japan)285.57 mb714
Grid Runner (USA)286.52 mb939
GT24 (Japan)229.30 mb1131
Guardian Force (Japan)10.25 mb208
Guardian Heroes (Europe)382.09 mb1276
Guardian Heroes (USA)382.08 mb10126
Gun Griffon (Europe)274.86 mb662
Gunbird (Japan)342.77 mb2795
GunBlaze-S (Japan)227.05 mb1328
Gungriffon - The Eurasian Conflict (Japan)345.45 mb9045
Gungriffon (USA)293.11 mb1222
Gungriffon II (Japan)343.83 mb1915
Gungriffon II (Japan) (Demo)343.55 mb632
Gussun Oyoyo S (Japan)244.30 mb736
Gyuwambler Jiko Chuushinha - Tokyo Mahjongland (Japan)254.18 mb800