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ROMs / Microsoft MSX1/MS2 ROMs


Viewing Microsoft MSX1/MS2 ROMs ROMs starting with L

Ladder Building (Japan)7.36 kb232
Ladder Building (Japan)7.36 kb198
Laptick 2 (Japan)18.16 kb233
Laptick 2 (Japan)18.16 kb202
Le Mans 2 (Europe)17.39 kb210
Le Mans 2 (Europe)17.39 kb209
Legendly Knight (Korea)39.13 kb232
Legendly Knight (Korea)39.13 kb193
Legendly Knight (Korea) (Alt 1)39.15 kb197
Legendly Knight (Korea) (Alt 1)39.15 kb201
Leonard (Spain)15.66 kb222
Leonard (Spain)15.66 kb198
Light Corridor, The (Europe)27.62 kb216
Light Corridor, The (Europe)27.62 kb201
Links, The (Japan) (NGA II) (Program)10.12 kb231
Links, The (Japan) (NGA II) (Program)10.12 kb192
Links, The (Japan) (NGA II) (Program) (Alt 1)10.19 kb207
Links, The (Japan) (NGA II) (Program) (Alt 1)10.19 kb211
Links, The (Japan) (Program)10.50 kb285
Links, The (Japan) (Program)10.50 kb197
Lode Runner (Japan)14.56 kb339
Lode Runner (Japan)14.56 kb216
Lode Runner (Japan) (Alt 1)14.59 kb226
Lode Runner (Japan) (Alt 1)14.59 kb207
Lode Runner II (Japan)14.60 kb331
Lode Runner II (Japan)14.60 kb215
Lord Over (Japan)10.62 kb262
Lord Over (Japan)10.62 kb207
Lot Lot (Japan)15.30 kb232
Lot Lot (Japan)15.30 kb187
Lunar Ball (Japan)13.37 kb238
Lunar Ball (Japan)13.37 kb193