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ROMs / Microsoft MSX1/MS2 ROMs


Viewing Microsoft MSX1/MS2 ROMs ROMs starting with H

H.E.R.O. (Japan)11.51 kb281
H.E.R.O. (Japan)11.51 kb207
Hades no Monsho (Japan)17.02 kb252
Hades no Monsho (Japan)17.02 kb201
Hades no Monsho (Japan) (Alt 1)17.00 kb215
Hades no Monsho (Japan) (Alt 1)17.00 kb202
Hafanuda Koi Koi - Gostop Godori (Japan)8.70 kb249
Hafanuda Koi Koi - Gostop Godori (Japan)8.70 kb193
Haja No Fuin (Japan)55.90 kb274
Haja No Fuin (Japan)55.90 kb200
Hanafuta (Japan)16.37 kb235
Hanafuta (Japan)16.37 kb201
Hang-On (Japan)16.49 kb256
Hang-On (Japan)16.49 kb209
Hang-On (Japan) (Alt 1)16.49 kb212
Hang-On (Japan) (Alt 1)16.49 kb195
Hang-On (Japan) (Alt 2)16.51 kb570
Hang-On (Japan) (Alt 2)16.51 kb193
Harapeko Pakkun (Japan)3.53 kb250
Harapeko Pakkun (Japan)3.53 kb191
Harryfox MSX Special (Japan)52.75 kb273
Harryfox MSX Special (Japan)52.75 kb202
Harryfox Yki No Maoh (Japan)39.05 kb257
Harryfox Yki No Maoh (Japan)39.05 kb192
Haunted Boynight (Japan)18.04 kb241
Haunted Boynight (Japan)18.04 kb187
Heavy Boxing (Japan)6.40 kb245
Heavy Boxing (Japan)6.40 kb180
Heavy Boxing (Japan) (Alt 1)6.46 kb210
Heavy Boxing (Japan) (Alt 1)6.46 kb197
Heist, The (Japan)13.28 kb237
Heist, The (Japan)13.28 kb180
Helitank (Japan)7.74 kb235
Helitank (Japan)7.74 kb197
High Way Star (Japan)6.34 kb327
High Way Star (Japan)6.34 kb182
High Way Star (Korea)6.36 kb201
High Way Star (Korea)6.36 kb193
Hisya (Japan)9.32 kb334
Hisya (Japan)9.32 kb186
Hitsuji Yai - Preety Sheep (Japan)4.67 kb336
Hitsuji Yai - Preety Sheep (Japan)4.67 kb184
Hole in One (Japan)12.06 kb346
Hole in One (Japan)12.06 kb195
Hole in One (Japan) (Alt 1)12.08 kb231
Hole in One (Japan) (Alt 1)12.08 kb192
Hole in One (Japan) (Alt 2)12.09 kb217
Hole in One (Japan) (Alt 2)12.09 kb193
Hole in One (Japan) (Alt 3)12.08 kb216
Hole in One (Japan) (Alt 3)12.08 kb175
Hole in One Professional (Japan)23.70 kb333
Hole in One Professional (Japan)23.70 kb191
Hole in One Professional (Japan) (Alt 1)23.72 kb213
Hole in One Professional (Japan) (Alt 1)23.72 kb190
Home Calc (Japan) (Program)11.07 kb215
Home Calc (Japan) (Program)11.07 kb198
Home Writer (Japan) (Program)8.21 kb222
Home Writer (Japan) (Program)8.21 kb194
Honkball (Japan)20.24 kb231
Honkball (Japan)20.24 kb189
Hopper (Europe)7.50 kb206
Hopper (Europe)7.50 kb194
Hudson 3D Golf (Japan)10.11 kb233
Hudson 3D Golf (Japan)10.11 kb196
Hudson 3D Golf (Japan) (Alt 1)10.18 kb210
Hudson 3D Golf (Japan) (Alt 1)10.18 kb189
Hustle! Chumy (Japan)8.51 kb229
Hustle! Chumy (Japan)8.51 kb182
Hustle! Chumy (Japan) (Alt 1)8.53 kb204
Hustle! Chumy (Japan) (Alt 1)8.53 kb184
Hydlide (Japan)15.47 kb289
Hydlide (Japan)15.47 kb216
Hydlide 3 - The Space Memories (Japan)174.64 kb322
Hydlide 3 - The Space Memories (Japan)174.64 kb243
Hydlide II - Shine of Darkness (Japan)55.66 kb298
Hydlide II - Shine of Darkness (Japan)55.66 kb204
Hydlide II - Shine of Darkness (Japan) (Alt 1)55.66 kb216
Hydlide II - Shine of Darkness (Japan) (Alt 1)55.66 kb202
Hyper Olympic 1 (Japan)11.98 kb261
Hyper Olympic 1 (Japan)11.98 kb191
Hyper Olympic 2 (Japan)12.22 kb248
Hyper Olympic 2 (Japan)12.22 kb190
Hyper Rally (Japan)12.52 kb233
Hyper Rally (Japan)12.52 kb197
Hyper Rally (Japan) (Alt 1)12.54 kb192
Hyper Rally (Japan) (Alt 1)12.54 kb185
Hyper Rally (Japan) (Alt 2)12.54 kb203
Hyper Rally (Japan) (Alt 2)12.54 kb193
Hyper Rally (Japan) (Alt 3)12.54 kb202
Hyper Rally (Japan) (Alt 3)12.54 kb186
Hyper Sports 1 (Japan)12.07 kb234
Hyper Sports 1 (Japan)12.07 kb216
Hyper Sports 1 (Japan) (Alt 1)12.09 kb196
Hyper Sports 1 (Japan) (Alt 1)12.09 kb190
Hyper Sports 2 (Japan)12.68 kb299
Hyper Sports 2 (Japan)12.68 kb182
Hyper Sports 3 (Japan)23.28 kb273
Hyper Sports 3 (Japan)23.28 kb196
Hyper Sports 3 (Japan) (Alt 1)23.29 kb211
Hyper Sports 3 (Japan) (Alt 1)23.29 kb223
Hyper Sports 3 (Japan) (Alt 2)23.29 kb210
Hyper Sports 3 (Japan) (Alt 2)23.29 kb187