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A holiday miracle! Re-added CD-i, PCECD, Dreamcast, 3DO, NGCD ISOs. Replaced the GC set with NKit-scrubbed ISOs. Converted nearly all CD sets to CHD format. Replaced many of the older ROM sets with No-Intro. Updated the MAME set to .216. Recompressed nearly everything in 7z where possible.

Replaced all the sets with GoodMerge, added DS and Gamecube. Updated MAME to .208. Removed Flash-based emulator, DC, 3DO, Saturn ISOs.

You're now able to play NES, SNES, Game Boy, GBA, and Genesis games from right within the browser! Requires Adobe Flash.

MAME ROMs updated to .158! Still working on the CHDs, some logistical things to figure out due to their size.

Over 150 SNK Neo-Geo CDs added!

Another 450 games! NEC Turbo Grafx CD gets some love! Enjoy!

450 Sega CD ISOs added!

Happy holidays! Back with a somewhat updated look. Download counts are reset, sorry for that. Still adding stuff, check back for more soon!

ROMs / Sega Genesis / Megadrive ROMs

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Viewing Sega Genesis / Megadrive ROMs ROMs starting with S

Sagaia (USA)356.85 kb628
Saint Sword (Japan)321.52 kb264
Saint Sword (USA)321.63 kb380
Same! Same! Same! (Japan)161.39 kb320
Sampras Tennis 96 (Europe) (J-Cart)1.03 mb253
Samurai Shodown (Europe)1.47 mb279
Samurai Shodown (USA)1.47 mb593
Samurai Spirits (Japan)1.48 mb390
San Guo Zhi Lie Zhuan - Luan Shi Qun Ying (China)365.38 kb222
San Guo Zhi V (China) (Unl)772.61 kb238
Sangokushi II (Japan)382.02 kb405
Sangokushi III (Japan)690.14 kb495
Sangokushi Retsuden - Ransei no Eiyuutachi (Japan)364.95 kb421
Sansan (Japan)304.04 kb416
Saturday Night Slammasters (Europe)2.02 mb273
Saturday Night Slammasters (USA)2.02 mb566
Scooby-Doo Mystery (USA)1.14 mb638
Scrabble (Europe) (Proto)482.69 kb212
SD Valis (Japan)248.16 kb298
SeaQuest DSV (Europe)944.24 kb210
SeaQuest DSV (USA)943.27 kb258
Second Samurai (Europe)583.51 kb326
Sega Channel (USA) (General Instrument) (Program)126.08 kb201
Sega Channel (USA) (Scientific Atlanta) (Program)116.38 kb178
Sega Channel Demo (USA) (Program)74.19 kb179
Sega Sports 1 (Europe)999.59 kb251
Sega Top Five (Brazil)1.11 mb220
Senjou no Ookami II ~ Mercs (World)583.07 kb486
Sensible Soccer - International Edition (Europe) (En,Fr,De,It)192.95 kb275
Sensible Soccer (Europe) (En,Fr,De,It)192.69 kb240
Sesame Street Counting Cafe (USA)448.39 kb227
Shadow Blasters (USA)256.36 kb486
Shadow Dancer - The Secret of Shinobi (World)320.86 kb933
Shadow of the Beast - Mashou no Okite (Japan)331.93 kb304
Shadow of the Beast (USA, Europe)313.02 kb423
Shadow of the Beast II (USA, Europe)325.18 kb393
Shadowrun (Japan)850.31 kb292
Shadowrun (USA)850.34 kb610
Shane Warne Cricket (Australia)458.14 kb195
Shanghai II - Dragons Eye (USA)486.05 kb266
Shanghai II - Dragons Eye (USA) (Beta)486.01 kb156
Shaq-Fu (USA, Europe)1.89 mb402
Shi Jie Zhi Bang Zheng Ba Zhan - World Pro Baseball 94 (China) (Unl)593.98 kb179
Shi no Meikyuu - Labyrinth of Death (Japan) (SegaNet)108.20 kb227
Shijou Saidai no Soukoban (Japan)58.74 kb260
Shikinjou (Japan)223.23 kb259
Shin Souseiki Ragnacenty (Japan)981.51 kb365
Shining and the Darkness (Japan)566.03 kb442
Shining Force - Kamigami no Isan (Japan)1.14 mb440
Shining Force (USA)1.12 mb1001
Shining Force (USA) (Beta)1.12 mb189
Shining Force II - Koe no Fuuin (Japan)1.43 mb466
Shining Force II (Europe)1.42 mb347
Shining Force II (USA)1.42 mb907
Shining in the Darkness (Brazil)561.79 kb190
Shining in the Darkness (USA, Europe)562.23 kb600
Shinobi III - Return of the Ninja Master (Europe)582.76 kb342
Shinobi III - Return of the Ninja Master (USA)582.83 kb934
Shiten Myouou (Japan)258.58 kb276
Shougi no Hoshi (Japan)97.07 kb254
Shove It! ...The Warehouse Game (USA)42.50 kb259
Show do Milhao (Brazil)1.14 mb237
Show do Milhao Volume 2 (Brazil)1.13 mb220
Show do Milhao Volume 2 (Brazil) (Alt 1)1.13 mb186
Shui Hu - Feng Yun Zhuan (China) (Unl)732.08 kb300
Shui Hu Zhuan (China) (Unl)621.43 kb229
Shura no Mon (Japan)766.17 kb319
Side Pocket (Europe)419.39 kb204
Side Pocket (Japan)419.63 kb249
Side Pocket (USA)419.53 kb309
Simpsons, The - Bart vs. the Space Mutants (USA, Europe)170.46 kb439
Simpsons, The - Bart vs. the Space Mutants (USA, Europe) (Rev A)162.53 kb227
Simpsons, The - Barts Nightmare (USA, Europe)584.45 kb459
Skeleton Krew (Europe)662.25 kb227
Skeleton Krew (USA)662.45 kb398
Skitchin (USA, Europe)802.55 kb372
Slam - Shaq vs. the Legends (USA) (Proto)797.95 kb230
Slap Fight MD (Japan)240.69 kb409
Slaughter Sport (USA)305.97 kb252
Slime World (Japan)169.69 kb255
Smurfs Travel the World, The (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es)760.43 kb318
Smurfs, The (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It) (Rev A)637.67 kb321
Snake Rattle n Roll (Europe)228.12 kb283
Snow Bros. - Nick & Tom (Japan)299.80 kb539
Socket (USA)359.50 kb319
Sol-Deace (USA)305.29 kb367
Soldiers of Fortune (USA)713.94 kb379
Soleil (Europe)987.41 kb314
Soleil (France)987.26 kb200
Soleil (Germany)986.91 kb193
Soleil (Japan) (Beta)480.47 kb191
Soleil (Spain)989.29 kb256
Sonic & Knuckles (World)1.14 mb1639
Sonic & Knuckles + Sonic The Hedgehog (World)1.49 mb889
Sonic & Knuckles + Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (World)1.86 mb1115
Sonic & Knuckles + Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (World)1.97 mb2541
Sonic 3D Blast (USA) (Beta)1.53 mb411
Sonic 3D Blast ~ Sonic 3D Flickies Island (USA, Europe)2.36 mb1084
Sonic Compilation (Europe)1.55 mb395
Sonic Compilation ~ Sonic Classics (World) (v1.1)1.55 mb509
Sonic Crackers (Japan) (Proto)376.52 kb330
Sonic Eraser (Japan) (SegaNet)98.00 kb337
Sonic Spinball (Japan)443.10 kb414
Sonic The Hedgehog (Japan, Korea)360.36 kb583
Sonic The Hedgehog (USA, Europe)362.36 kb3091
Sonic The Hedgehog (World) (GameCube Edition)360.42 kb437
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (World)694.63 kb2334
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (World) (Beta)447.06 kb277
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (World) (Rev A)694.62 kb811
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (Europe)1.13 mb748
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (Japan, Korea)1.13 mb653
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (USA)1.13 mb2218
Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball (Europe)443.07 kb410
Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball (USA)443.02 kb846
Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball (USA) (Alt 1)443.17 kb322
Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball (USA) (Beta)498.29 kb213
Sorcer Kingdom (Japan)340.02 kb431
Sorcerers Kingdom (USA)345.44 kb358
Sorcerers Kingdom (USA) (v1.1)345.41 kb248
Sorcerian (Japan)403.02 kb367
Space Funky B.O.B. (Japan)587.22 kb251
Space Harrier II (Japan) (Launch Cart)258.08 kb299
Space Harrier II (World)258.08 kb598
Space Invaders 90 (Japan)90.41 kb272
Space Invaders 91 (USA)90.41 kb383
Sparkster - Rocket Knight Adventures 2 (Japan)488.05 kb389
Sparkster (Europe)488.08 kb223
Sparkster (USA)488.00 kb603
Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe (USA)230.85 kb271
Speedball 2 (Europe)238.11 kb242
Speedball 2 (Japan)237.12 kb238
Spider-Man - X-Men - Arcades Revenge (USA, Europe)390.24 kb514
Spider-Man . Venom - Maximum Carnage (World)803.13 kb710
Spider-Man (USA, Europe) (Acclaim)1.10 mb472
Spider-Man (USA) (Acclaim) (Beta)1.09 mb189
Spider-Man (USA) (Acclaim) (Beta) (Earlier)949.39 kb167
Spider-Man (World) (Sega)359.71 kb482
Spiritual Warfare (USA) (Unl)120.49 kb194
Spirou (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es)653.82 kb258
Splatterhouse 2 (Europe)366.95 kb263
Splatterhouse 2 (USA)381.68 kb747
Splatterhouse 3 (USA)920.28 kb826
Splatterhouse Part 2 (Japan)378.32 kb382
Splatterhouse Part 3 (Japan, Korea)921.26 kb476
Sport Games (Brazil)853.83 kb218
Sports Talk Baseball (USA)542.02 kb260
Spot Goes to Hollywood (Europe)1.61 mb222
Spot Goes to Hollywood (USA)1.61 mb322
Squirrel King (China) (Unl)203.79 kb193
Star Control (USA) (Unl)558.85 kb273
Star Cruiser (Japan)309.38 kb347
Star Odyssey (World) (Unl)516.64 kb344
Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - Crossroads of Time (Europe)538.02 kb206
Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - Crossroads of Time (USA)538.05 kb324
Star Trek - The Next Generation - Echoes from the Past (USA)971.98 kb289
Star Trek - The Next Generation - Echoes from the Past (USA) (v1.1)971.19 kb240
Starflight (USA, Europe)360.92 kb282
Starflight (USA, Europe) (v1.1)361.09 kb245
Stargate (Europe) (Beta)956.90 kb168
Stargate (USA, Europe)1.02 mb406
Steel Empire (USA)396.83 kb445
Steel Talons (Japan, Korea)221.75 kb224
Steel Talons (USA, Europe)218.55 kb270
Steel Talons (USA) (Beta)218.67 kb146
Stone Protectors (USA) (Proto)1.01 mb269
Stormlord (Japan)234.67 kb262
Stormlord (USA)233.74 kb361
Story of Thor, The - Hikari o Tsugumono (Japan)1.59 mb379
Story of Thor, The (Europe)1.59 mb350
Story of Thor, The (Germany)1.59 mb211
Story of Thor, The (Japan) (Beta) [b]478.62 kb178
Story of Thor, The (Korea)1.59 mb175
Story of Thor, The (Spain)1.59 mb219
Street Fighter II - Special Champion Edition (Europe)1.36 mb422
Street Fighter II - Special Champion Edition (USA)1.35 mb1228
Street Fighter II Plus - Champion Edition (Asia)1.36 mb462
Street Racer (Europe)512.67 kb389
Street Smart (Japan, USA)173.21 kb342
Streets of Rage 2 (USA)880.76 kb2311
Streets of Rage 3 (Asia)1.51 mb344
Streets of Rage 3 (Europe)1.51 mb447
Streets of Rage 3 (USA)1.51 mb1744
Strider (USA, Europe)608.50 kb760
Strider Hiryuu (Japan, Korea)606.17 kb389
Strider II (Europe)543.69 kb405
Strider Returns - Journey from Darkness (USA)535.70 kb546
Striker (Europe)858.80 kb254
Striker (Europe) (Beta)421.85 kb159
Sub-Terrania (Europe)790.51 kb229
Sub-Terrania (Japan)790.66 kb321
Sub-Terrania (USA)790.52 kb475
Sub-Terrania (USA) (Beta)774.05 kb167
Sub-Terrania (USA) (Beta) (Earlier)521.74 kb146
Summer Challenge (USA, Europe) (Unl)505.48 kb220
Sunset Riders (Europe)331.31 kb258
Sunset Riders (USA)331.41 kb590
Super Airwolf (Japan)183.50 kb310
Super Baseball 2020 (USA, Europe)904.35 kb286
Super Battleship (USA)194.56 kb268
Super Bubble Bobble (China) (Unl)261.32 kb271
Super Daisenryaku (Japan)212.44 kb299
Super Daisenryaku (Japan) (Rev A)212.88 kb220
Super Fantasy Zone (Europe)378.43 kb418
Super Fantasy Zone (Japan)378.99 kb414
Super H.Q. (Japan)196.19 kb312
Super Hang-On (World) (En,Ja)218.66 kb549
Super Hang-On (World) (En,Ja) (Rev A)218.70 kb320
Super Hang-On (World) (Sega Smash Pack)218.60 kb237
Super High Impact (USA)609.42 kb243
Super Hydlide (Europe)218.55 kb208
Super Hydlide (Japan)220.60 kb546
Super Hydlide (USA)218.44 kb514
Super Kick Off (Europe)240.00 kb274
Super League (Europe)236.71 kb238
Super League (Japan)257.72 kb390
Super Monaco GP (Japan, Europe) (En,Ja)372.63 kb434
Super Monaco GP (Japan, Europe) (En,Ja) (Rev A)372.70 kb322
Super Monaco GP (Japan) (En,Ja)372.60 kb399
Super Monaco GP (USA) (En,Ja)373.07 kb617
Super Off Road (USA, Europe) (Unl)133.37 kb279
Super Real Basketball (Europe)154.67 kb243
Super Real Basketball (Japan, Korea)150.47 kb219
Super Shinobi II, The (Japan, Korea)582.02 kb576
Super Shinobi II, The (Japan) (Beta)543.16 kb245
Super Shinobi II, The (Japan) (Beta) (Earlier)485.60 kb203
Super Shinobi, The (Japan)342.38 kb512
Super Skidmarks (Europe) (Beta)1.06 mb275
Super Skidmarks (Europe) (J-Cart)1.05 mb295
Super Smash T.V. (USA, Europe)290.12 kb412
Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers (Japan)2.42 mb699
Super Street Fighter II (Europe)2.41 mb371
Super Street Fighter II (USA)2.39 mb993
Super Thunder Blade (Japan) (Launch Cart)222.07 kb254
Super Thunder Blade (World)221.92 kb440
Super Volley Ball (Japan)76.66 kb249
Super Volley Ball (USA)74.74 kb282
Superman - The Man of Steel (Europe)342.06 kb275
Superman (USA)341.72 kb507
Superman (USA) (Beta)338.88 kb164
Surging Aura (Japan)1.16 mb342
Swamp Thing (USA) (Proto)186.84 kb229
Sword of Sodan (Japan)361.98 kb263
Sword of Sodan (USA, Europe)361.91 kb336
Sword of Vermilion (USA, Europe)323.73 kb471
Syd of Valis (USA)246.74 kb357
Sylvester & Tweety in Cagey Capers (Europe)592.45 kb212
Sylvester and Tweety in Cagey Capers (USA)591.15 kb312
Syndicate (USA, Europe)988.98 kb427