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Hard Drivin (World)76.65 kb1368
HardBall 94 (USA, Europe)723.88 kb947
HardBall 95 (USA)1.32 mb1050
HardBall III (USA) (Unl)881.70 kb850
HardBall! (USA) (Unl)376.09 kb774
Haunting Starring Polterguy (USA, Europe)1.49 mb1556
Havoc (Europe)596.80 kb922
Head-On Soccer (USA)512.45 kb870
Heavy Nova (USA)494.84 kb1126
Heavy Unit - Mega Drive Special (Japan)195.64 kb1256
Hei Tao 2 - Super Big 2 (China) (Unl)294.80 kb559
Hellfire (Europe)167.85 kb744
Hellfire (Japan)166.63 kb1041
Hellfire (USA)167.94 kb1544
Herzog Zwei (Japan)292.20 kb1030
Herzog Zwei (USA, Europe)292.30 kb1698
High Seas Havoc (USA)593.52 kb1497
Hit the Ice - VHL - The Official Video Hockey League (USA)212.78 kb1074
Hokuto no Ken - Shin Seikimatsu Kyuuseishu Densetsu (Japan)263.84 kb1542
Home Alone (USA, Europe)298.46 kb2656
Home Alone (USA) (Beta)263.65 kb738
Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York (USA)351.67 kb1587
Honoo no Toukyuuji - Dodge Danpei (Japan)351.71 kb1330
Hook (Europe)354.14 kb891
Hook (USA)354.06 kb3915
Hua Mu Lan - Mulan (China) (Unl)616.50 kb876
Huan Le Tao Qi Shu - Smart Mouse (China) (Unl)115.95 kb698
Humans, The (USA)665.27 kb1167
Hurricanes (Europe)759.69 kb969
Hybrid Front, The (Japan)1.10 mb1328
Hybrid Front, The (Japan) (Beta)667.34 kb7263
Hyokkori Hyoutan-jima - Daitouryou wo Mezase! (Japan)158.39 kb842
Hyper Dunk - The Playoff Edition (Japan)936.15 kb964
Hyper Dunk - The Playoff Edition (Japan) (Beta)934.69 kb609
Hyper Dunk (Europe)946.32 kb893
Hyper Marbles (Japan) (SegaNet)101.32 kb837