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Replaced all the sets with GoodMerge, added DS and Gamecube. Updated MAME to .208. Removed Flash-based emulator, DC, 3DO, Saturn ISOs.

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MAME ROMs updated to .158! Still working on the CHDs, some logistical things to figure out due to their size.

Over 150 SNK Neo-Geo CDs added!

Another 450 games! NEC Turbo Grafx CD gets some love! Enjoy!

450 Sega CD ISOs added!

Happy holidays! Back with a somewhat updated look. Download counts are reset, sorry for that. Still adding stuff, check back for more soon!

ROMs / Nintendo Game Boy Advance ROMs

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R-Type III - The Third Lightning1.12 mb372
Racing Fever542.22 kb180
Racing Gears Advance4.11 mb91
Rampage - Puzzle Attack (USA, Europe)1.66 mb194
Rapala Pro Fishing (USA, Europe)1.21 mb142
Ratatouille3.71 mb52
Rave Master - Special Attack Force!3.44 mb260
Rayman - 10th Anniversary6.99 mb432
Rayman - Raving Rabbids8.41 mb419
Rayman 33.91 mb61
Rayman 3 (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Sv,No,Da,Fi) (Beta)3.88 mb185
Rayman Advance3.04 mb446
Rayman Advance (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It) (Beta)2.99 mb169
Razor Freestyle Scooter1.63 mb156
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing - Round 22.72 mb221
Rebelstar - Tactical Command1.77 mb272
Recca no Honoo - The Game (Japan)2.95 mb241
Reign of Fire3.70 mb209
Relaxuma na Mainichi (Japan)930.72 kb159
Rescue Heroes - Billy Blazes! (USA)891.11 kb158
Resident Evil 2 (Unknown) (Proto)1.37 mb32
Revenge of Shinobi, The4.26 mb7
Revenge of Shinobi, The (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It) (Beta)4.14 mb1
Revenge of the Smurfs, The (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl)1.18 mb157
Rhythm Tengoku (Japan)6.72 mb439
Rhythm Tengoku (Japan) (Demo) (Kiosk)6.73 mb179
Rhythm Tengoku (Japan) (Rev 1)6.72 mb238
River City Ransom EX1.12 mb421
Riviera - The Promised Land12.63 mb472
Road Rash - Jailbreak2.65 mb248
Robopon 2 - Cross Version3.24 mb332
Robopon 2 - Ring Version3.24 mb279
Robot Wars - Advanced Destruction2.11 mb25
Robot Wars - Extreme Destruction (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl)1.61 mb151
Robotech - The Macross Saga (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl)1.52 mb236
Robots13.03 mb234
Rocket Power - Beach Bandits (USA, Europe)1.49 mb47
Rocket Power - Beach Bandits (USA, Europe) (v0.14) (Beta)1.60 mb115
Rocket Power - Dream Scheme1.62 mb173
Rocket Power - Zero Gravity Zone (USA)3.39 mb184
Rockman EXE 4 - Tournament Red Sun (Japan)3.71 mb242
Rockman EXE 4.5 - Real Operation (Japan)2.98 mb346
Rockman EXE 4.5 - Real Operation (Japan) (Wii U Virtual Console)2.98 mb228
Rockman EXE 6 - Dennoujuu Falzar (Japan) (Wii U Virtual Console)3.62 mb235
Rockman EXE 6 - Dennoujuu Gregar (Japan) (Wii U Virtual Console)3.61 mb246
Rocky3.45 mb195
RPG Tsukuru Advance (Japan)2.92 mb230
Rugrats - Castle Capers1.38 mb144
Rugrats - Go Wild1.38 mb133
Rugrats - I Gotta Go Party2.31 mb166