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Hachiemon (Japan)1.92 mb1287
Hagane no Renkinjutsushi - Meisou no Rondo (Japan)3.24 mb1649
Hagane no Renkinjutsushi - Omoide no Sonata (Japan)3.32 mb1623
Hajime no Ippo - The Fighting! (Japan)4.41 mb1830
Hamepane - Tokyo Mew Mew (Japan)1.52 mb1304
Hamster Club 4 - Shigetchi Daidassou (Japan)3.16 mb1246
Hamster Monogatari 2 GBA (Japan)2.08 mb1187
Hamster Monogatari 3 GBA (Japan)2.41 mb1179
Hamster Monogatari 3EX 4 Special (Japan)3.75 mb1261
Hamster Monogatari Collection (Japan)2.67 mb1174
Hamster Paradise - Pure Heart (Japan)3.55 mb1276
Hamster Paradise Advanchu (Japan)3.59 mb1553
Hamtaro - Ham-Ham Games4.13 mb2683
Hamtaro - Ham-Ham Heartbreak5.48 mb3112
Hamtaro - Rainbow Rescue4.23 mb2965
Hanabi Hyakkei Advance (Japan)1.99 mb1393
Hanafuda Trump Mahjong - Depachika Wayouchuu (Japan)1.72 mb1303
Happy Feet20.08 mb2773
Hardcore Pinball (USA, Europe)1.52 mb1457
Hardcore Pool1.31 mb1312
Harlem Globetrotters - World Tour1.23 mb1258
Harobots - Robo Hero Battling!! (Japan)2.01 mb1251
Harry Potter - Quidditch World Cup5.39 mb2668
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets3.85 mb3164
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Da)18.15 mb4414
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Da)8.81 mb3184
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban11.74 mb4180
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone5.15 mb3357
Harry Potter Collection (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Pt,Sv,No,Da)20.05 mb3230
Harvest Moon - Friends of Mineral Town3.75 mb5758
Harvest Moon - More Friends of Mineral Town5.12 mb4789
Hatena Satena (Japan)2.69 mb1301
Haunted Mansion, The (USA) (Proto)2.61 mb1273
Heidi - The Game (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)1.08 mb1176
Hello Kitty - Happy Party Pals1.62 mb1453
Hello Kitty Collection - Miracle Fashion Maker (Japan)3.46 mb1378
Hello! Idol Debut - Kids Idol Ikusei Game (Japan)4.07 mb1174
Hello! Idol Debut - Kids Idol Ikusei Game (Japan) (Rev 1)4.07 mb1106
Herbie - Fully Loaded2.66 mb1380
Hey Arnold! - The Movie2.49 mb1640
Hey Arnold! - The Movie (Europe) (En,Fr,De) (Beta)2.37 mb930
Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi - Kaznapped!3.95 mb1922
Higanbana (Japan) (Rev 1)2.90 mb1340
High Heat Major League Baseball 2002 (USA, Europe)2.25 mb1158
High Heat Major League Baseball 20032.49 mb1472
High School Musical - Livin the Dream (USA)4.42 mb1406
High School Musical - Livin the Dream (USA) (Beta)4.17 mb938
Hikaru no Go (Japan)2.39 mb1328
Hikaru no Go (Japan) (Demo) (Promo)985.98 kb801
Hikaru no Go (Japan) (Rev 1)2.37 mb1091
Hikaru no Go 2 (Japan)5.67 mb1538
Himawari Doubutsu Byouin - Pet no Oishasan Ikusei Game (Japan)3.82 mb1308
Hime Kishi Monogatari - Princess Blue (Japan)5.98 mb1422
Hobbit, The - The Prelude to the Lord of the Rings4.49 mb2540
Home on the Range2.79 mb1448
Horsez2.49 mb1297
Hoshi no Kirby - Kagami no Daimeikyuu (Japan) (Demo) (Kiosk, GameCube)3.14 mb1199
Hoshi no Kirby - Kagami no Daimeikyuu (Japan) (Wii U Virtual Console)4.55 mb2103
Hot Potato!1.30 mb1284
Hot Wheels - All Out1.12 mb1604
Hot Wheels - Burnin Rubber5.79 mb2325
Hot Wheels - Stunt Track Challenge (USA, Europe)2.89 mb2048
Hot Wheels - Velocity X3.17 mb1907
Hot Wheels - World Race2.09 mb1795
Hudson Best Collection Vol. 1 - Bomber Man Collection (Japan)258.34 kb1440
Hudson Best Collection Vol. 2 - Lode Runner Collection (Japan)245.14 kb1371
Hudson Best Collection Vol. 3 - Action Collection (Japan)305.98 kb1381
Hudson Best Collection Vol. 4 - Nazotoki Collection (Japan)411.43 kb1333
Hudson Best Collection Vol. 5 - Shooting Collection (Japan)306.25 kb1408
Hudson Best Collection Vol. 6 - Bouken-jima Collection (Japan)653.31 kb1447
Hugo - Bukkazoom! (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Pt,Sv,No,Da,Fi,Pl)1.59 mb1235
Hugo - The Evil Mirror Advance2.40 mb1600
Hugo 2 in 1 (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Pt,Sv,No,Da,Fi,Pl)3.99 mb1364
Hunter X Hunter - Minna Tomodachi Daisakusen!! (Japan)10.19 mb2060