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Sales Cartridge (USA, Europe)9.02 kb279
Sammy Lightfoot (USA, Europe)9.92 kb305
Satan (USA, Europe)53.40 kb317
Save New York (USA, Europe)6.46 kb349
Sea Speller (USA, Europe)5.76 kb294
Sea Wolf (USA, Europe) (MAX)3.90 kb312
Seafox (USA, Europe)8.84 kb290
Seahorse Hiden Seek (USA, Europe)10.08 kb456
Serpentine (USA, Europe)8.21 kb284
Sesame Street - Letter-Go-Round (USA, Europe)12.38 kb286
Shadow of the Beast (Europe)117.64 kb344
Simons BASIC (USA, Europe) (Program)10.60 kb352
Solar Fox (USA, Europe)11.37 kb313
Song Maker (USA, Europe)5.76 kb295
Space Action (USA, Europe)2.98 kb288
Space Gun (Europe)75.56 kb326
Space Ric-O-Shay (USA, Europe)3.29 kb301
Space Shuttle - A Journey into Space (USA, Europe)10.23 kb467
Speed Math & Bingo Math (USA, Europe) (v01) (MAX)4.72 kb290
Speedsaver $C000 (USA, Europe) (Program)3.62 kb289
Speedsaver Combi (USA, Europe) (Program)6.66 kb296
Spitball (USA, Europe)5.95 kb317
Spy Hunter (USA, Europe)11.90 kb364
Star Post (USA, Europe)5.57 kb307
Star Ranger (USA, Europe)11.80 kb328
Star Trek - Strategic Operations Simulator (USA, Europe)9.24 kb309
Star Wars - The Arcade Game (USA, Europe)9.69 kb376
Stat 64 (USA, Europe) (Program)4.71 kb345
States and Capitals Tutorial (USA)5.73 kb266
Stix (USA, Europe)4.45 kb298
Story Machine (USA, Europe)8.32 kb315
Super Alien (Japan) (v01) (MAX)4.62 kb276
Super Expander 64 (USA, Europe) (Program)6.62 kb277
Super Explode 5 (USA, Europe) (Program)11.05 kb262
Super Sketch (USA, Europe)6.55 kb282
Super Smash (USA, Europe)3.92 kb313
Super Snapshot 5 (Europe) (Program)41.50 kb281
Super Snapshot 5 (USA) (Program)40.38 kb588
Super Zaxxon (USA, Europe)13.81 kb401