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C-64 Diagnostic (USA, Europe) (Rev 586220) (Program)4.25 kb150
C-64 Import Test Diag (USA, Europe) (Program)4.71 kb109
C64-FORTH (USA, Europe) (Program)8.57 kb144
Calc Result - The Spread Sheet - Advanced (USA, Europe) (Program)38.58 kb128
Calc Result - The Spread Sheet - Easy (USA, Europe) (Alt 1) (Program)17.09 kb115
Calc Result - The Spread Sheet - Easy (USA, Europe) (Program)17.48 kb120
Capture 2 (USA, Europe) (Program)6.62 kb114
Castle Hassle (USA, Europe)12.65 kb125
Centipede (USA, Europe)6.00 kb175
Chase H.Q. II - Special Criminal Investigation (Europe)133.93 kb178
Checkers (USA, Europe)11.89 kb134
Choplifter! (USA, Europe)11.33 kb458
Close Encounters of the Worst Kind (USA, Europe)2.98 kb120
Clowns (Japan) (v01) (MAX)5.58 kb103
Clowns (Japan) (v02) (MAX)5.61 kb95
Coccinelle cherche dessinateur (France)5.83 kb100
Coco-Notes featuring... the Jazz Scats! (USA, Europe)10.73 kb125
Colossus Chess + Silicon Syborgs + International Football (USA, Europe) (Super Games)43.45 kb170
COMAL 80 (USA, Europe) (Program)127.44 kb179
Commodore 64 Diagnostic (USA, Europe) (Program)2.29 kb144
Congo Bongo (USA, Europe)11.54 kb177
Conrad Disk Booster (Germany) (Program)4.15 kb116
Cosmic Life (USA, Europe)5.05 kb130
Crisis Mountain (USA, Europe)9.88 kb134
Crystal Castles (USA, Europe) (Proto)12.92 kb143
Cyberball (USA, Europe)65.18 kb121