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Sangokushi Eiketsu - Tenka ni Nozomu (1991)(Naxat Soft)(JP)368.56 mb484
Sangokushi III (1993)(KOEI)(JP)512.65 mb572
Seirei Senshi Spriggan (1991)(Naxat Soft)(JP)496.41 mb1494
Seiryuu Densetsu Monbit (1991)(Hudson Soft)(JP)127.35 mb537
Seisenshi Denshou - Jantaku no Kishi (1994)(Nichibutsu)(JP)446.69 mb536
Seiya Monogatari - Anearth Fantasy Stories (1995)(Hudson Soft)(JP)595.22 mb6833
Seiya Monogatari - Anearth Fantasy Stories Taikenban (1995)(Media Works)(JP)367.33 mb424
Sengoku Kantou Sankokushi (1991)(Intec)(JP)382.33 mb462
Sexy Idol Mahjong (1993)(Nichibutsu)(JP)271.09 mb556
Sexy Idol Mahjong Fashion Monogatari (1994)(Nichibutsu)(JP)324.76 mb541
Sexy Idol Mahjong Yakyuuken no Uta (1995)(Nichibutsu)(JP)307.90 mb614
Shadow of the Beast - Mashou no Okite (1992)(Electronic Arts Victor)(JP)438.37 mb493
Shadow of the Beast (1992)(NEC Solutions)(US)441.96 mb572
Shanghai II (1990)(Hudson Soft)(JP)139.61 mb466
Shanghai III - Dragon's Eye (1992)(ASK Kodansha)(JP)293.38 mb517
Shape Shifter (1992)(NEC Solutions)(US)548.75 mb1364
Shapeshifter - Makai Eiyuu Den (1992)(Electronic Arts Victor)(JP)520.87 mb554
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective (1991)(NEC Solutions)(US)356.67 mb398
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Volume 2 (1992)(NEC Solutions)(US)390.90 mb426
Sherlock Holmes no Tantei Kouza (1991)(Electronic Arts Victor)(JP)357.08 mb1104
Sherlock Holmes no Tantei Kouza II (1993)(Electronic Arts Victor)(JP)389.27 mb668
Shiawase Usagi - Nureta Bishoujo Ichi Hajimete na no ni (19xx)(B-Project)(JP)223.96 mb4949
Shiawase Usagi II - Toraware Usagi Sailor Z (19xx)(B-Project)(JP)238.51 mb2477
Shin Megami Tensei (1993)(Atlus)(JP)126.97 mb654
Shin Onryou Senki (1995)(Fujicom)(JP)184.84 mb522
Shin Sangokushi - Tenka ha Ware ni (1992)(Naxat Soft)(JP)532.15 mb490
Shinsetsu Shiawase Usagi (1995)(B-Project)(JP)238.25 mb713
Shinsetsu Shiawase Usagi 2 - Kairaku heno Invitation (1996)(B-Project)(JP)176.28 mb662
Shinsetsu Shiawase Usagi F - Yuujiyou Yorimo Aiyoku (1997)(B-Project)(JP)136.34 mb1033
Sim Earth - The Living Planet (1993)(Hudson Soft)(JP)299.42 mb458
Sim Earth - The Living Planet (1993)(NEC Solutions)(US)329.04 mb482
Slime World (1992)(Microworld)(JP)238.45 mb505
Slot Gambler (1995)(Nichibutsu)(JP)264.09 mb497
Snatcher CD-ROMantic (1992)(Konami)(JP)532.35 mb1057
Snatcher CD-ROMantic Pilot Disk (1992)(Konami)(JP)419.49 mb596
Sol Bianca (1990)(Masaya - NCS)(JP)349.18 mb542
Sol Moonarge (1994)(IREM)(JP)426.32 mb630
Solid Force (1995)(NEC Home Electronics)(JP)524.68 mb547
Sorcerian (1992)(Electronic Arts Victor)(JP)484.85 mb689
Sotsugyou - Graduation (1993)(NEC Avenue)(JP)1.03 gb634
Sotsugyou II - Neo Generation (1994)(Riverhill Soft)(JP)469.69 mb550
Sotsugyou Shashin - Miki (1994)(Coconuts Japan)(JP)378.20 mb493
Space Adventure Cobra - Kokuryuuou no Densetsu (1989)(Hudson Soft)(JP)161.19 mb670
Space Adventure Cobra II - Densetsu no Otoko (1991)(Hudson Soft)(JP)171.31 mb624
Space Fantasy Zone (1991)(NEC Avenue)(JP)160.70 mb1016
Space Invaders - The Original Game (1995)(NEC Avenue)(JP)97.87 mb589
Splash Lake (1991)(NEC Avenue)(JP)300.07 mb462
Splash Lake (1992)(NEC Solutions)(US)299.63 mb692
Spriggan Mark 2 - Re Terraform Project (1992)(Naxat Soft)(JP)513.15 mb2136
Star Breaker (1994)(RayForce)(JP)345.52 mb880
Star Mobile (1992)(Naxat Soft)(JP)351.77 mb493
Startling Odyssey (1993)(RayForce)(JP)355.79 mb651
Startling Odyssey II (1994)(RayForce)(JP)603.34 mb702
Startling Odyssey II (Sample) (1994)(RayForce)(JP)203.63 mb299
Strider Hiryuu (1994)(NEC Avenue)(JP)397.49 mb943
Sugoroku '92 Nari Tore Nariagari Trendy (1991)(Nihon Telenet)(JP)91.52 mb415
Summer Carnival '92 - Alzadick (1992)(Naxat Soft)(JP)239.95 mb685
Summer Carnival '93 - Nexzr Special (1993)(Naxat Soft)(JP)447.53 mb735
Super Albatross (1989)(Nihon Telenet)(JP)477.02 mb559
Super CD-ROM2 Taiken Soft Shuu (1991)(Hudson Soft)(JP)397.65 mb463
Super Daisenryaku (1990)(Micro Cabin)(JP)91.59 mb1423
Super Darius (1990)(NEC Avenue)(JP)413.74 mb4084
Super Darius II (1993)(NEC Avenue)(JP)499.37 mb1111
Super Mahjong Taikai (1992)(KOEI)(JP)500.41 mb491
Super Raiden (1992)(Hudson Soft)(JP)373.28 mb935
Super Real Mahjong P II & III Custom (1994)(Naxat Soft)(JP)419.25 mb715
Super Real Mahjong P IV Custom (1993)(Naxat Soft)(JP)310.48 mb661
Super Real Mahjong P V Custom (1995)(Naxat Soft)(JP)385.38 mb784
Super Real Mahjong Special (1992)(Naxat Soft)(JP)419.03 mb672
Super Schwartzschild (1991)(Kogado Studio)(JP)489.57 mb10658
Super Schwartzschild 2 (1992)(Kogado Studio)(JP)503.37 mb1475
SUPER-CD-DEMO2 (199x)(Hudson)(JP)228.99 mb457
Sword Master (1993)(Right Stuff)(JP)517.47 mb1508