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Idea no Hi (Japan)1.26 mb1948
Ignition Factor, The (USA)554.88 kb1783
Igo Club (Japan)258.79 kb1246
Ihatov Monogatari (Japan)574.28 kb1877
Ikari no Yousai (Japan)451.73 kb1605
Illusion of Gaia (USA)1.51 mb4450
Illusion of Gaia (USA) (Beta)1.50 mb1083
Illusion of Time (Europe)1.51 mb1596
Illusion of Time (France)1.51 mb1112
Illusion of Time (Germany)1.52 mb1251
Illusion of Time (Germany) (Rev 1)1.51 mb1036
Illusion of Time (Spain)1.51 mb1273
Illvanian no Shiro (Japan)1.48 mb1608
Imperium (USA)489.23 kb2086
Inazuma Serve da! Super Beach Volley (Japan)377.43 kb1331
Incantation (Europe)378.46 kb1037
Incantation (USA)378.45 kb1798
Incredible Crash Dummies, The - Dr. Zabu o Sukuidase (Japan)652.32 kb1353
Incredible Crash Dummies, The (Europe)652.63 kb1129
Incredible Crash Dummies, The (USA)652.74 kb1666
Incredible Crash Dummies, The (USA) (Beta)651.62 kb838
Incredible Hulk, The (Europe)855.81 kb1288
Incredible Hulk, The (USA)855.81 kb2305
Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures (Europe)1.55 mb1978
Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures (Japan)1.55 mb1720
Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures (USA)1.55 mb3374
Inindo - Way of the Ninja (USA)510.84 kb1735
Inspector Gadget (USA)406.25 kb2303
International Sensible Soccer - World Champions Limited Edition (Europe) (En,Fr,De,It) (Rev 1)212.55 kb1290
International Superstar Soccer (Europe)627.53 kb1383
International Superstar Soccer (USA)627.56 kb2275
International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (Europe)1.39 mb1751
International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (USA)1.39 mb3347
International Tennis Tour (Europe)665.29 kb1283
International Tennis Tour (Japan)664.86 kb1285
International Tennis Tour (USA)663.72 kb1499
Ippatsu Gyakuten (Japan)432.49 kb1299
Irem Skins Game, The (USA)405.72 kb1425
Irem Skins Game, The (USA) (Arcade)408.26 kb910
Iron Commando - Koutetsu no Senshi (Japan)909.30 kb2407
Iron Commando (Europe) (Proto)897.67 kb1442
Isozuri - Ritou Hen (Japan)1.66 mb1588
Itadaki Street 2 - Neon Sign wa Barairo ni (Japan)915.56 kb2162
Itadaki Street 2 - Neon Sign wa Barairo ni (Japan) (Beta)915.59 kb1032
Itchy & Scratchy Game, The (Europe)553.09 kb1132
Itchy & Scratchy Game, The (USA)553.06 kb1828
Itoi Shigesato no Bass Tsuri No. 1 (Japan)2.13 mb1686
Itou Hatasu Rokudan no Shougi Doujou (Japan)594.50 kb1222
Itou Hatasu Rokudan no Shougi Doujou (Japan) (Rev 1)615.89 kb1095
Izzys Quest for the Olympic Rings (Europe)932.24 kb1142
Izzys Quest for the Olympic Rings (USA)932.17 kb1681
Izzys Quest for the Olympic Rings (USA) (Beta)932.41 kb908