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ROMs / Sega SG-1000 ROMs

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C_So! (Japan)24.21 kb511
C_So! (Taiwan)24.17 kb178
Castle, The (Japan)24.57 kb529
Castle, The (Taiwan) (MSX)25.93 kb207
Chack'n Pop (Japan)17.25 kb503
Chack'n Pop (Taiwan)17.24 kb378
Challenge Derby (Japan) (vA) (16kB) (Othello Multivision)10.26 kb351
Challenge Derby (Japan) (vA) (40kB) (Othello Multivision)10.58 kb301
Challenge Derby (Japan) (vB) (Othello Multivision)10.60 kb306
Champion Baseball (Japan) (16kB)10.93 kb265
Champion Baseball (Japan) (40kB)11.25 kb388
Champion Baseball (Taiwan)10.89 kb165
Champion Billiards (Japan)18.73 kb371
Champion Billiards (Taiwan)18.69 kb156
Champion Boxing (Japan)18.32 kb477
Champion Boxing (Japan) (MyCard)18.36 kb266
Champion Boxing (Taiwan)18.31 kb162
Champion Golf (Japan)20.06 kb373
Champion Golf (Japan) (MyCard)20.09 kb230
Champion Ice Hockey (Japan)18.30 kb419
Champion Ice Hockey (Taiwan)18.30 kb154
Champion Kendou (Japan)19.87 kb416
Champion Kendou (Taiwan)19.87 kb142
Champion Pro Wrestling (Japan)18.78 kb401
Champion Soccer (Japan)8.79 kb403
Champion Soccer (Taiwan)8.79 kb159
Champion Tennis (Japan)5.90 kb430
Championship Lode Runner (Japan)20.60 kb538
Championship Lode Runner (Taiwan)20.54 kb154
Choplifter (Japan)17.58 kb521
Choplifter (Japan) (Beta)17.59 kb180
Choplifter (Korea)17.58 kb162
Choplifter (Taiwan) (Chinese Logo)17.49 kb133
Choplifter (Taiwan) (English Logo)17.57 kb162
Choplifter (Taiwan) (No Logo)17.60 kb141
Chuugaku Hisshuu Eibunpou (Chuugaku 1-Nen) (Japan) (SC-3000)5.16 kb264
Chuugaku Hisshuu Eibunpou (Chuugaku 2-Nen) (Japan) (SC-3000)5.28 kb268
Chuugaku Hisshuu Eisakubun (Chuugaku 1-Nen) (Japan) (16kB) (SC-3000)7.12 kb222
Chuugaku Hisshuu Eisakubun (Chuugaku 1-Nen) (Japan) (40kB) (SC-3000)7.42 kb242
Chuugaku Hisshuu Eisakubun (Chuugaku 2-Nen) (Japan) (16kB) (SC-3000)7.29 kb294
Chuugaku Hisshuu Eisakubun (Chuugaku 2-Nen) (Japan) (40kB) (SC-3000)7.57 kb235
Chuugaku Hisshuu Eitango (Chuugaku 1-Nen) (Japan) (SC-3000)7.92 kb258
Chuugaku Hisshuu Eitango (Chuugaku 2-Nen) (Japan) (16kB) (SC-3000)8.84 kb232
Chuugaku Hisshuu Eitango (Chuugaku 2-Nen) (Japan) (40kB) (SC-3000)9.15 kb248
Congo Bongo (Japan, Europe) (Rev 1)12.85 kb392
Congo Bongo (Japan)12.83 kb737
Congo Bongo (Japan) (Rev 1) (40kB)13.29 kb307