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NBA Jam (1993)(Acclaim)(JP) [T-81034]373.17 mb2008
NBA Jam (1994)(Acclaim)(EU) [T-81035-50]373.14 mb920
NBA Jam (1994)(Acclaim)(US) [T-81035]373.13 mb896
NFL Football Trivia Challenge (1993)(CapDisc)(US) [T-135015]273.93 mb937
NFL's Greatest - San Francisco VS Dallas 1978-1993 (1993)(Sega Sports)(US) [MK-4202]394.50 mb534
NHL '94 (1993)(EA Sports)(US) [T-50015]401.97 mb831
NHL Hockey '94 (1994)(EA Sports)(EU) [T-50015-50]401.99 mb1161
Night Striker (1993)(KR) [GD0010JT]8.49 kb384
Night Striker (1993)(Taito)(JP) [T-11014]469.14 mb2445
Night Trap (1992)(Sega)(EU) [MK-4903-50]691.06 mb836
Night Trap (1992)(Sega)(US) [MK-4903]781.27 mb12286
Night Trap (1993)(Sega)(FR) [MK-4903-09]689.60 mb580
Night Trap (1993)(Sega)(JP) [G-6025]690.59 mb2241
Night Trap (32X) (1994)(Digital Pictures)(US) [T-16202F]897.66 mb1121
Night Trap (32X) (1995)(Digital Pictures)(EU) [T-16202F-50]811.45 mb859
Night Trap (Rerelease) (1994)(Digital Pictures)(US) [T-162105]688.62 mb530
Ninja Warriors, The (1994)(Taito)(JP) [T-11024]472.36 mb3912
Nobunaga no Yabou - Haouden (1994)(KOEI)(JP) [T-76024]409.64 mb2139
Nostalgia 1907 in North Atlantic Sea (Includes Original Sound Track Ver. 2) (1991)(Takeru)(JP) [T-77014]605.04 mb2947
Novastorm (1994)(Psygnosis)(EU) [T-113065-50]339.94 mb1093
Novastorm (1994)(Psygnosis)(US) [T-113025]340.25 mb1211