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Baku Bomber Man (Japan)5.00 mb2895
Baku Bomber Man 2 (Japan)10.61 mb3211
Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaioh (Japan)7.04 mb2874
Bakushou Jinsei 64 - Mezase! Resort Ou (Japan)7.01 mb2081
Banjo to Kazooie no Daibouken (Japan)16.44 mb3354
Banjo to Kazooie no Daibouken 2 (Japan)32.39 mb5917
Banjo-Kazooie (Europe) (En,Fr,De)16.46 mb5197
Banjo-Kazooie (USA)16.30 mb13115
Banjo-Kazooie (USA) (Rev A)16.32 mb5150
Banjo-Tooie (Australia)32.33 mb1457
Banjo-Tooie (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es)32.84 mb4645
Banjo-Tooie (USA)32.77 mb13036
Bass Rush - ECOGEAR PowerWorm Championship (Japan)10.46 mb2147
Bassmasters 2000 (USA)8.81 mb2708
Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker (USA)2.70 mb3279
Batman of the Future - Return of the Joker (Europe) (En,Fr,De)2.72 mb2095
BattleTanx - Global Assault (Europe) (En,Fr,De)4.28 mb1795
BattleTanx - Global Assault (USA)4.20 mb3263
BattleTanx (USA)4.78 mb3459
Battlezone - Rise of the Black Dogs (USA)10.15 mb2984
Beetle Adventure Racing! (Europe) (En,Fr,De)11.87 mb2756
Beetle Adventure Racing! (Japan)11.72 mb2457
Beetle Adventure Racing! (USA) (En,Fr,De)11.87 mb5287
Big Mountain 2000 (USA)4.36 mb2721
Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. (Europe)11.37 mb2088
Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. (USA)11.36 mb3473
Biohazard 2 (Japan)65.18 mb4592
Blast Corps (Europe) (En,De)6.82 mb2042
Blast Corps (USA)6.81 mb4192
Blast Corps (USA) (Rev A)6.81 mb2265
Blastdozer (Japan)6.80 mb2315
Blues Brothers 2000 (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl)13.84 mb2540
Blues Brothers 2000 (USA)13.84 mb2885
Body Harvest (Europe) (En,Fr,De)6.02 mb1845
Body Harvest (USA)6.02 mb3745
Bokujou Monogatari 2 (Japan)4.93 mb2048
Bokujou Monogatari 2 (Japan) (Rev A)4.93 mb1248
Bokujou Monogatari 2 (Japan) (Rev B)4.93 mb1495
Bomber Man 64 (Japan)6.25 mb3444
Bomber Man Hero - Mirian Oujo o Sukue! (Japan)8.95 mb2523
Bomberman 64 - The Second Attack! (USA)10.66 mb5971
Bomberman 64 (Europe)4.96 mb3219
Bomberman 64 (USA)4.96 mb7941
Bomberman Hero (Europe)8.96 mb2442
Bomberman Hero (USA)8.96 mb6090
Bottom of the 9th (USA)12.40 mb3019
Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling (USA)7.42 mb2582
Buck Bumble (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)4.72 mb1925
Buck Bumble (Japan)4.76 mb1796
Buck Bumble (USA)4.72 mb3217
Bugs Life, A (Europe)10.92 mb2185
Bugs Life, A (France)10.77 mb1350
Bugs Life, A (Germany)10.77 mb1420
Bugs Life, A (Italy)10.74 mb1525
Bugs Life, A (USA)10.92 mb3989
Bust-A-Move 2 - Arcade Edition (Europe)6.28 mb1923
Bust-A-Move 2 - Arcade Edition (USA)6.28 mb3469
Bust-A-Move 3 DX (Europe)6.84 mb2941
Bust-A-Move 99 (USA)6.82 mb4076