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Ide Yousuke no Mahjong Kyoushitsu GB (Japan)404.29 kb592
Ikari no Yousai (Japan)59.40 kb721
Ikari no Yousai 2 (Japan)61.74 kb762
In Your Face (USA)35.34 kb571
Incredible Crash Dummies, The (USA, Europe)60.93 kb629
Indiana Jones - Saigo no Seisen (Japan)77.77 kb568
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De)481.03 kb907
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (USA, Europe)81.38 kb829
Indien dans la Ville, Un (France) (SGB Enhanced)82.19 kb403
InfoGenius Productivity Pak - Berlitz French Translator (USA, Europe)111.16 kb694
InfoGenius Productivity Pak - Berlitz Spanish Translator (USA, Europe)110.64 kb467
InfoGenius Productivity Pak - Frommers Travel Guide (USA)159.53 kb466
InfoGenius Productivity Pak - Personal Organizer and Phone Book (USA)24.97 kb449
InfoGenius Productivity Pak - Spell Checker and Calculator (USA)106.78 kb464
InfoGenius Systems - Personal Organizer with Phone Book (Europe)24.88 kb404
Initial D Gaiden (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)90.34 kb602
Inspector Gadget - Operation Madkactus (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl)534.93 kb586
Inspector Gadget - Operation Madkactus (USA)534.97 kb807
International Karate 2000 (Europe)154.59 kb530
International Rally (USA) (SGB Enhanced)427.00 kb834
International Superstar Soccer (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced)115.62 kb630
International Superstar Soccer 2000 (Europe)329.68 kb509
International Superstar Soccer 2000 (USA)329.55 kb623
International Superstar Soccer 99 (Europe) (SGB Enhanced)121.49 kb452
International Superstar Soccer 99 (USA) (SGB Enhanced)122.08 kb554
International Track & Field - Summer Games (Europe)308.71 kb533
International Track & Field (Europe) (En,Fr,De,It) (SGB Enhanced)327.81 kb483
International Track & Field (USA) (SGB Enhanced)302.73 kb574
Ippatsu Gyakuten! DX Bakenou (Japan)30.90 kb527
Iron Man X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced)205.70 kb845
Ishida Yoshio Tsumego Paradise (Japan)20.60 kb505
Ishido - The Way of Stones (Japan)16.42 kb493
Ishido - The Way of Stones (USA)21.18 kb575
Its a World Rally (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)361.79 kb589
Itsudemo Pachinko GB - CR Monster House (Japan)164.33 kb565
Itsudemo! Nyan to Wonderful (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)80.01 kb513