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Daedalian Opus (USA)20.18 kb478
Daffy Duck (Europe)62.94 kb369
Daffy Duck (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced)73.56 kb577
Dai-2-ji Super Robot Taisen G (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)299.48 kb541
Daikaijuu Monogatari - The Miracle of the Zone (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)363.85 kb383
Daiku no Gen-san - Ghost Building Company (Japan)151.16 kb382
Daiku no Gen-san - Robot Teikoku no Yabou (Japan)205.78 kb520
Daisenryaku (Japan)40.77 kb365
Darkman (USA, Europe)84.59 kb560
Darkwing Duck (Europe)84.17 kb319
Darkwing Duck (Germany)84.44 kb438
Darkwing Duck (Spain)84.29 kb260
Darkwing Duck (USA)84.16 kb667
David Crane's The Rescue of Princess Blobette Starring A Boy and His Blob (Europe)39.69 kb317
David Crane's The Rescue of Princess Blobette Starring A Boy and His Blob (USA)39.73 kb465
Days of Thunder (USA, Europe)66.87 kb427
Dead Heat Scramble (Japan)36.67 kb272
Dead Heat Scramble (USA)36.10 kb373
Dennis (Europe)90.59 kb267
Dennis the Menace (USA)91.35 kb394
Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf (Europe) (SGB Enhanced)145.51 kb264
Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf (USA) (SGB Enhanced)147.65 kb394
Dexterity (USA, Europe)35.89 kb454
Diablo (USA) (Proto)78.46 kb492
Dick Tracy (USA)77.58 kb467
Dig Dug (Europe)58.63 kb333
Dig Dug (USA)58.64 kb698
Dino Breeder (Japan) (Rev A) (SGB Enhanced)128.39 kb263
Dino Breeder (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)128.37 kb289
Dino Breeder 2 (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)235.44 kb340
Dirty Racing (Japan)42.68 kb335
Dodge Boy (Japan)55.56 kb341
Donkey Kong (Japan, USA) (SGB Enhanced)268.22 kb1643
Donkey Kong (World) (Rev A) (SGB Enhanced)268.47 kb3820
Donkey Kong Land (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)401.09 kb589
Donkey Kong Land (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced)374.06 kb2902
Donkey Kong Land 2 (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced)394.99 kb2655
Donkey Kong Land III (USA, Europe) (Beta)387.85 kb500
Donkey Kong Land III (USA, Europe) (Rev A) (SGB Enhanced)385.64 kb829
Donkey Kong Land III (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced)388.40 kb1814
Doraemon - Taiketsu HimitsuDougu!! (Japan)75.61 kb503
Doraemon 2 - Animal Planet Densetsu (Japan)76.71 kb547
Doraemon Kart (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)77.79 kb430
Doraemon no Game Boy de Asobouyo Deluxe 10 (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)130.08 kb339
Doraemon no Study Boy 1 - Shou 1 Kokugo Kanji (Japan)167.80 kb358
Doraemon no Study Boy 2 - Shou 1 Sansuu Keisan (Japan)157.59 kb358
Doraemon no Study Boy 3 - Ku Ku Master (Japan)316.60 kb339
Doraemon no Study Boy 4 - Shou ni Kokugo Kanji (Japan)166.96 kb326
Doraemon no Study Boy 5 - Shou 2 Sansuu Keisan (Japan)88.06 kb349
Doraemon no Study Boy 6 - Gakushuu Kanji Master 1006 (Japan)497.50 kb356
Double Dragon (Japan)68.66 kb467
Double Dragon (USA, Europe)68.69 kb1293
Double Dragon 3 - The Arcade Game (USA, Europe)75.29 kb1018
Double Dragon II (USA, Europe)72.97 kb1120
Double Dribble - 5 on 5 (USA)67.46 kb383
Double Yakuman (Japan)68.14 kb400
Double Yakuman II (Japan)76.85 kb298
Double Yakuman Junior (Japan)69.99 kb307
Downtown - Nekketsu Koushinkyoku - Dokodemo Daiundoukai (Japan)113.99 kb506
Dr. Franken (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Sv)137.07 kb349
Dr. Franken (Japan)77.17 kb272
Dr. Franken (USA)77.17 kb447
Dr. Franken II (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Sv)182.48 kb513
Dr. Mario (World)20.71 kb2066
Dr. Mario (World) (Beta)20.70 kb357
Dr. Mario (World) (Rev A)20.68 kb717
Dracula Densetsu (Japan)42.04 kb624
Dracula Densetsu II (Japan)89.94 kb632
Dragon Ball Z - Gokuu Gekitouden (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)448.52 kb665
Dragon Ball Z - Gokuu Hishouden (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)204.28 kb952
Dragon Slayer - Nemuri no Oukan (Japan)90.29 kb448
Dragon Slayer I (Japan)23.59 kb520
Dragon Tail (Japan)45.38 kb335
Dragon's Lair - The Legend (Europe)84.92 kb287
Dragon's Lair - The Legend (USA)84.82 kb436
Dragon's Lair (Japan)84.87 kb277
DragonHeart (France)311.67 kb231
DragonHeart (USA, Europe)310.85 kb474
Dropzone (Europe)20.98 kb451
Druaga no Tou (Japan)56.20 kb412
DuckTales (Europe)46.02 kb821
DuckTales (Japan)45.73 kb324
DuckTales (USA)45.94 kb1026
DuckTales 2 (Europe)83.08 kb625
DuckTales 2 (Japan)82.63 kb337
DuckTales 2 (USA)83.08 kb869
Dungeon Land (Japan)97.51 kb321
DX Bakenou Z (Japan)84.58 kb326
DX Bakenou Z (Japan) (Rev A)93.43 kb231
Dynablaster (Europe)73.86 kb554